You've never done that before, have you?

She has psychic abilities.

That's been made very clear.

Dust was blowing in the wind.

Now, it's my turn to laugh.

You just want to get Leora.


He works in the university.

Willie probably needs help.

Go on the offensive.


Apparently, Leila's car needs a new set of tires.

This milk smells funny.

Is this a recent photo?

Why do you think that way?

Soldiers go on patrol in a military vehicle.

They must have had an accident.

I was on the mountain.


He studied hard, hardly taking time out for lunch.

He promised to come home early tonight.

I should have done this weeks ago.

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The coast guard discovered to more survivors hiding in a nearby cave.

Sherman rocked back and forth in his chair.

All the villagers know him.


The bread really smells good.

Our class has increased in size.

The teacher said that the earth is round.

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Have you done something wrong?

There followed a long silence.

Tiefenthal resumed clearing the table.


My family is under the control of my mother.

What a good dancer Aoi is!

I am a bit crazy.

He came out of the shower naked.

Both Krzysztof and Julius were disappointed.

Ilya painted the ceiling light blue.

This letter has to be sent right away.

Metin looked nervously at the doctor.

He often paints landscapes.

They know very well who we are, and what we can do.

The project was a complete failure.


Don't lose that.

Please put the potato chips in the bowl. Don't eat them directly from the bag.

We're happy together.


Sometimes, I think I'm in a nuthouse.


Let's play a word game.

The milk went sour.

Only the best is good enough.

The author's mode of expression is very concise.

Why won't Frank leave?

That boy used to collect tiny legs of cockroaches for no reason at all.

To preach chastity is to provoke acts against nature. Those who condemn sexuality and sully it by calling it 'impure', are guilty of a sin most grave against the holy spirit of life.

Johnnie eats more fish in a week than I eat in a year.

I owe it to my uncle that I succeeded in my business.

I hope to find a quiet beach this year; I'm already tired of crowded beaches.

Debi likes being the center of attention.

Meet me at 2:30.

I had no idea who he was.

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Andrew has started looking for a job.

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Lyndon deserves to be blamed.

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I went to Olaf's house after school.


My cat will love this.


My parents died in a traffic accident when I was thirteen years old.

I hurt myself while exercising.

Let's approach this problem from a different aspect.

We'll be talking to him today.

I'll make peanut butter for him.

I'm above telling lies.

She's a belly dancer.

This essay is about a piece of luggage.

I'm not buying it.

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Yes, I have a problem with you Americans!


Has something changed?

We're going to do our best.

A quadratic function cannot be used here.

We have bigger fish to fry.

I had a pretty good day.


It was a lie.


He is a brave and cheerful boy.


Life is a constant search.

I went to Iran.

The sun is red.

They argued about anything and everything.

Jitendra pointed to a word on the sign and asked Charley what it meant.

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Can I see your driver's license?

Thanks for paying for the meal.

Who was that you were with last night?

You're welcome to borrow my car.

We'll keep you updated.

What else does Louiqa do?

You don't look like your dad.

I know the president of that company by name.

Is this about Nancy?

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Cris took a step toward David.


The price is double what it was last year.


She just couldn't do it.


There, something completely different.


Maybe Stacy will just go away.

Luckily, we found an escape route.

I can't open this bottle.

This society has a large membership.

She quit the company.

I'm going to go get cleaned up.

I pronounce this a perfect dinner.

I just want someone to talk to.

According to him, she is honest.

The town has many narrow lanes.

I showed Leith how to tie some knots.

I thought I knew them.

Where do you catch these frogs?

If he had told me the truth, I would have forgiven him.

I've invited all my friends.


Turning the corner, you will find my house.


I love her anyway.

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I've spoken to them about it.

Cathrin is helping Lana clear the table.

Naim is a bit of a coward.

I'm going to be over here.

Whatever happened to individualism?

I made her very angry.

They should let you see Leila.

I had to keep busy, so I wouldn't think about what had happened.

Denial of self is not the same as self-denial.

The soldiers were tried in court for murder.

If it had not been for your help, I should have drowned.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am.

The weather is clearing up. I needn't have brought an umbrella.

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As science advances as some describe it, into itself, - by creating technology which is then subsequently of a higher complexity than the ideas it is to help explain - complications often can arise, such as a need for higher education for those who utilise it. This may not be a negative complication in itself, but gives rise to another problem: that this causes education about the subject's fundamentals to be sacrificed for the training in the utilisation of ever changing technology.

The radio is disturbed by noises.

I trust that I can see you again.

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A noise aroused me from my sleep.

Emily will eat something after doing her homework.

They could not get good housing.


Do you think Ramneek is well-built?

Help me learn how to drive.

Don't sit up late at night.

Leave the door open.

Nobody was listening.

I figured something like this was going to happen.

I am indeed happy to meet you.


My mother being ill, I couldn't go to the concert.


Jeff isn't very organized.

Few reach the age of one hundred.

She has a purplish face.

I think it's a realistic fear.

I should've let her go fishing.

This is a plant of the species Schlumbergera truncata.

She patted her hair into place.

They moved in just the other day.

I said I'd have to think about it.

You have nothing to be sorry for.

I don't trust Devon at all.

You can't go along this road.

This room gets a lot of sunshine.

She shared her book with her neighbor.

I freaked out and started screaming.

I wish I'd been here three hours ago.

I can't go to school today. I'm sick.

It no longer matters.

Where would you like to work?


He is beginning to pick up his health again.

These meetings are infinite and fruitless.

Help me, Will.


The Vienna Philharmonic is one of the most famous orchestras in the world.

Chuck's reputation is impeccable.

I don't blame you for hating me.