Pack up the bags. We're going back to Boston.

It could just be a problem with the spark plugs.

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I was traveling on business.

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I need a meet with Theodore as soon as possible.

Did Ssi play tennis yesterday?

He is apt to be late for the appointed time.

Page saw it, too.

I want to kill them.

I write to my mother once a month.

The teacher told the boy not to make noise.


I cannot do without this dictionary even for a single day.

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The hospital is not crowded.

Small children can be very destructive.

Stacey pretended not to see Siping.

We watched a movie.

His clothes are always out of style.

Matti doesn't even like driving.

Such a thing occurs frequently.


He tried to act cheerfully, but we all knew how sad he felt.

It is sunny.

You don't want to think about Liyuan, do you?

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I'd like a hotel reservation.

What's your speciality?

I want to invest in index funds.


Don't pretend what you don't feel.

Fixed prices in Japan are abnormally raised.

He refused our offer to arrange a press conference.

Curiosity is nothing more than vanity. More often than not we only seek knowledge to show it off.

She likes her.

I don't know what I did at all.

I don't correct their exercises.

"What sort of a duck are you?" they all said, coming round him. He bowed to them, and was as polite as he could be, but he did not reply to their question. "You are exceedingly ugly," said the wild ducks, "but that will not matter if you do not want to marry one of our family."

We called on our English teacher the other day.

I wish I could explain why I did it.

A cat scratched me.

I've seen him naked before.

Hiroyuki advised Kyle to do that.

You must go outside if you want to smoke.

Am I the only one that sees the humor in this?

I'm on my own.

I can at least take them home.

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This is all I have.

The water's really nice.

My boyfriend plans to save up and buy a sports car.


I was stupid to trust her.

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This world is an illusion, brother.


Hiroyuki usually comes home late.

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The news is fiction.

Wait'll you hear what happened today.

I don't go there anymore.

Birds make their nests in trees.

How much time will we have?

The teacher put a mark next to his name to show that he was absent.

They paid no attention to their safety.

Isabelle doesn't even know my name yet.

There was nothing left in the refrigerator.

You have to be optimistic.

I can't tell you how much this means to me.


The sun rises.

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My mother is the only one who sews clothes in our family.

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Orthography is very important.

Are you going to do it over again?

Blayne was fearless.

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We're happy that Spy arrived home safely.

Are you still angry with Hotta?

Can you call them?

I am counting on you to give the opening address.

They argued that the earth is round.

Can someone please explain it to me?

I shan't forget that feast as long as I live.

I'm going to help her.

I suppose you are right.


Please find a solution to the problem.

You can come at your convenience.

The teacher is with the school principal.


I was amazed at Stephe's fluency in French.


What you know about the subject is superficial, Kenneth.

"Ah, you little thief!" said the Farmer in an angry voice. "So you are the one who steals my chickens!"

Marcy burst into tears on hearing the news, but soon pulled herself together.


I don't know what happened.

He didn't die happily.

Does that float your boat?

The computer has made a great impact on modern life.

It's very alarming.

What do they charge for room and board?

Gabriel Garko is as beautiful as Raul Bova.


There is no air on the moon.

Mrs. West is busy getting breakfast ready.

Ti told me you only want two hundred dollars for your guitar.

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If nuclear war broke out, mankind would perish.

"I think Trump will be less worse than Clinton." "I couldn't disagree more."

Are there always so many people here?

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I hope the weather will be good.


Do you have Bud Light?

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There are no special rules as regards what clothes we should wear.

Karaoke is good for reducing stress.

Were they let in on the secret?


Roberta is ignoring me at the moment.

Money is welcome everywhere.

Prepare to be bored.

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Who is the leader of the group?

Are you sure that's all?

What are you going to tell her?

I wanted to save you.

In Esperanto, nouns end in "o". The plural is formed by adding a "j".

They shone like stars in the dark, dirty building.

I will finish this work by 5 o'clock.

I thought this would be more fun.

Give me your phone number, just in case.

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"Do you like to listen to J-rock or J-pop?" "What does that mean?" "J-rock is Japanese rock, and J-pop is Japanese pop."

Anthony is sitting over there.

I slept well last night.

Gene hurt his right foot.

Syd has charisma.

The big investor bought up the stocks.

Lanny can't see you tonight, but he can see you tomorrow morning.


You don't have to be perfect all the time.

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My heart is French, but my ass is international!

I tried to do that, but I couldn't.

I warned little Ninja to leave the kerosene heater alone.

I thought he was your date.

Rudy came into the room without knocking on the door.

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They are spinning wool.

We want you to go home.

Gretchen won't be able to become a policeman.

Have you googled her?

I tried to avoid conflict.

I don't think it means anything.

We need to do this right.

We had to attend just as a matter of form.

Why does Bob cry so much?


Some animals, such as tigers, eat meat.

I don't want to be seen in his company.

I learned a lot from what I heard.


What is your aim in life?


Wendi is always impeccably dressed.

Belinda is stuttering.

He was very outgoing.

Fletcher realized Mah was probably sleepy.

I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center.

What did you and Matthew fight about?

The Cabinet is meeting today to discuss the crisis.

I knew there was something wrong about that girl.

I'm beginning to regret not studying French harder.

I got bitten by mosquitoes.

They were ready.


I want to be young again.

He is at work now, but will come back at seven.

The peacock has fair feathers but foul feet.

I have a much fresher piece of bread than you.

I consider her to be an honest woman.

That's true as well.

I thought about calling Mitchell, but I didn't.


There's so much to see.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support.

They had a rest for a while.

The taxi is waiting outside.

Please talk to Vicki.

You lied to us.

How could anyone forget it?

I think I've made myself clear.

Andries is suffering from a serious illness.

A sentence contextualizes words.

Stop saying bullshit!