We want a room for four nights.

I got a new battery put in my watch yesterday.

I'm here just for the holidays.

His speech was an unmitigated disaster.


What a nice fellow he is!

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I bought this printer yesterday.


Would you like to have lots of money?


What am I going to find in here?


You're boring me.

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I thought that you were going to come over last night.

Finally, he achieved his goal.

This work is difficult for us.

You have a big stain on your sweater.

There was a black jacket on the book.

Sergei doesn't speak English at home.

Men want to feel important.

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She breathed deeply.

Saul is eager to impart his knowledge.

Everything was going perfectly.

So, who won the Italian elections?

Call me when you see fit, thank you.

Give me one hour.

I'm not sure I disagree with Sanity.

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What did you think of Morton?


Considering your lack of experience you acquitted yourselves pretty well in this competition.

A few minutes' walk brought me to the park.

"Could you move over a little?" "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize I was taking up so much space."


You don't have very many friends, do you?

Lynne told Micah what not to do.

No one knows the real reason why we love dogs.

Don't hesitate to ask.

I bought several cassettes of the popular singers.

Will you please explain to me the exact meaning of the word?

You need to help me do this.

Justin soaked in the bathtub.

I want to be proud of who I am.

You have more restraint than most people.

The tall man wears a black suit.

Tell Myron what's going on.

Kinch fell in love with a German officer.

I think I'm pretty lucky.

He was in charge of preparing a magazine for publication.

I knew this day was going to come.

Leif is in the habit of staying up late at night.

Ima has a lot of guts asking Brender for a loan.

Adam introduced me to Elisabeth.

Rich was too busy to notice any change in Kristi's behavior.

Stephen picked up a magazine and started flipping through its pages.


She lives in Dubai.

I've tried to reason with Julia.

Tor told Winston about the accident.

It would be better to agree to the terms.

We can't give up.


It's on the tip of my tongue.

Nigel instantly fell in love with Barbara.

Rob hardly ever asks questions.


We just don't know.


The Constitution gives certain rights to the states.

You can't believe anything Francisco says about me.

Clay wasn't in the office.

The king reigned over the island.

Helen blushed at their praise.

He died at age 54.

You've worked with Syun before, haven't you?


His brother goes to school by bus.

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We had a stopover in Chicago.

Vivek and Syed danced together all night long.

I never get tired of this song.

Kelvin was a brave woman.

There's more ways than one to kill a cat.

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I have something you might be interested in seeing.


Turkey was stronger than Greece.

I've seen Wolfgang in action.

He is seeking employment.

You're just afraid you'll have to kiss Matt.

Nicolette asked me if anything was the matter.


The wind was howling.

Everybody likes you.

Melinda has a nice car, a nice home and a good job.


A car in itself is neither good nor bad; it depends on the driver.

The train will arrive soon.

She didn't come to help, but to hinder us.

Stanley left me a note.

I'm not scared at all.

The sight of fresh lobster gave me an appetite.

Oh, what is this?

It was pouring rain all morning long.

Be objective.


She didn't send me any letter.


I owe my life to them.


It is likely that nobody can accurately estimate the depth and breadth of this ravine.

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Tell her to get ready to leave.

"Since when have you been in London, Evelyn?" "I've been here since June."

We can't save everybody.


Why would it be necessary?

If you don't reduce consumer taxes, we've got no deal.

You told Brender to say that, didn't you?

Someone attacked me.

Christophe pulled the door half shut.

This letter has no signature.

It has been found that smoking is bad for your health.

We won't forget them.

We're all capable of exercising self-control.


Many kinds of birds live in Japan.

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The car overtook me.

Ro has a lump on his head where he bumped it.

They want to cut down the forest to build a hotel and a shopping mall.

Jin was almost hit by a car.

Nobody answered.

I don't watch TV very much.

Sitting over my book, I fell asleep.

This tree is about as tall as that one.

You must hold that dagger like this.

The audience shouted "Bravo!" for at least a full minute.

Sometimes I doubt your intelligence.

The storm blew for two days.

Kory is playing with Cathy's cat.

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I was already married at your age.


Fifty-two per cent of British women prefer chocolate to sex.

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I've been googling myself once or twice a month.

"Can" is the right word to express ability and "May" to ask for permission.

I'm going to try to be much more careful from now on.


I teach history at the largest high school in town.

That's wrong!

Blayne opened his refrigerator and looked inside.

I got up early this morning to go fishing.

We're going to the party in eighteenth century costumes.


I don't have any food to eat.


I know what Christofer is up to.

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Perhaps you should stop.

Could you give me a ride?

I met her once before.

I don't want to disappoint her.

As long as you're talking to me, it's fine, but as soon as you stop, I get hungry.


Nick has a lunch date with Mario.

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I had a bladder infection last month.

When can I get out of here?

A cat may be compared to a small tiger, and a tiger may also be compared to a large cat.

That's what makes you so special.

I am a professional photographer.

She speaks Spanish well.

Students should not work if they are going to school.


I can help her.

How can I prevent my cat from killing birds?

At first he was against the project.

Whoever comes will be welcome.

Two years ago Surya and Raul split up, but recently they got together again.

We have to come together as a team.

I found a kindred spirit in Bob.

Did you think that I'd forgotten that?

He and I were inseparable friends during our time together in school.

Mahesh put his hands into his pockets.

I will try to eat it in one bite.

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Many countries are having difficulties in the economic sphere.

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You look thirsty.

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Warts are ugly but harmless.


I dislike cruelty, even cruelty to other people, and should therefore like to see all cruel people exterminated.

Of course, Stuart loves his own children.

Sriram knows who I am.