They denied her any help.

When does the last train start?

How did you know Suyog and John weren't really married?


All I know about humor is that I don't know anything about it.


Try to profit from every opportunity.

Give me a good one.

The defiant manner is characteristic of teenagers.

What were you two talking about?

The toast is cold.

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You and Sanjeev used to be friends, right?

The sun having risen, I turned off the light.

The workers say they got a raw deal.

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We are going to take the bus that leaves at four.

He approached his uncle about lending him some money.

I told Marshall to stay indoors.

I'll go there.

Jeffrey's kids have got lots more toys than he had when he was young.

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Bob didn't seem to want to come with us.

Please translate this text from Japanese to French.

What am I going to do now then? I'll just burst into tears.

I'm easily amused.

I only asked Scott to pay his bill.


I think Boston is one of the most expensive places in the world to live.

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Tell them what I told you.


I can remember when you were just a little boy.


That's one of the conventions of our daily life.

What's your favorite podcast?

Vince and I often go out for pizza after work.

He says he drinks to forget.

You go to bed at eleven o'clock.

Put your hands up!

I will depart soon.

Since my brother died suddenly two years ago, my sister-in-law has valiantly kept going the small jewellery store he left her.

Is your sister swimming in the river?

You never know what the future will bring.

Jin became agitated.

Tell me you don't know anything about this.

He is a gentleman and ought to be treated as such.

Bill turned on the television.

People throughout the north were angry.


It wasn't fun.


This is a fork.

I've never left Boston.

You've got my computer and I want it back.


Perceived shyness is often simply an expression of politeness in waiting to be addressed before speaking.


We have everything under control.

I have one sister.

Catching bugs can be a fun activity for children.

He's a grown man.

The magazine is published bimonthly.


I'm not sure anything happened.


I guess that's a good sign.

I hear he is to go abroad for study as soon as he graduates from school.

What you asked me to do wasn't possible.

The patient lost his patience.

Animal bodies are made up of cells.

Well, I think it's time the real story was told.

I don't want distractions.


The conductor forgot to punch my ticket.

My goal is to become happy.

Give me a second chance.

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He came here a long time ago.

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It is certain that he'll win the game.


I live upstate.

It just seems stupid.

No baseball player has been as deified as this man.

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Do you love me just when I'm absent?

Daniel is the only child of Jacob.

The dog had the liberty of the entire house.


The lines are crossed.


At Easter we eat chocolate rabbits.

The children were playing in the driveway.

I suggest you put that weapon down.

You don't need to worry about us.

I've always had a problem with the way Blake behaves.

I didn't sleep a wink.

Tell us what happened to you.

I'm sure you and Amir will be very happy.

That's what I find alarming.


He didn't come back in the end.

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Barry told me that he loves me.

It's not a date.

They laid off many workers at that point.

Sanand has been a gentleman.

I don't want to come back here ever again.


This dog minds well.

This is the first time I've ever made Marika laugh.

Do not try to imitate her.

The problem is we don't have enough money.

I want you to come here.


I need your passport and three pictures.

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You betrayed me.

We're not sure where Len is.

Can I tell them about this?

Money changes people.

Roxie had a decision to make.

Let's drink one more and I'll drive you home.

It's no problem.

The water is green.

Juha was about to say thanks, but Guillermo turned and left before he could.


Skef told me he used to be married.


That sounds like Rajarshi's voice.

Saad is refusing to help us.

I want them brought to justice.

What's our situation?

The poem was written in Spanish and then translated into Portuguese.

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Vadim has been making money hand over fist.

I don't understand what the teacher is saying.

My son believes in Santa Claus.

As a father he must pay for his daughter's education.

Why did the newly married Japanese man say something bad about his wife?

He died of cancer last year.

They watched intently.

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.

Please speak as clearly as possible.

They found her.

You can open the window.

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Your wallet is on the television set.

You have no right to interfere.

Nobody can prevent this plan from being carried out.

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I met him a few weeks ago.

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I thought you didn't know where Thomas was.

This dog is big.

My mother often gives pies to passers-by.

Can I get that in writing?

I knew you'd be upset.

The baby was crying in bed.

I have to answer this letter right away.

I take care of Carisa.

Blessed is the one who expects nothing, never being disillusioned.

He was surprised to see her.

I'll be around all day.

I want to become better at playing the guitar.

I'd heard you'd changed.

If it wasn't for the doctor's treatment, that patient would be dead.

Let's concentrate on the future, OK?


Results from the Large Hadron Collider mean that supersymmetry theorists may have to come up with a new theory of sub-atomic physics.


I'll get the guns.

People from Santiago aren't as kind as the rest of the Chileans.

The telephone rang a few minutes later.

I'll try my best to be there on time.

I iron my clothes almost every day.

Your face says that you don't agree.

Can you meet me later?

If anyone can do it, it's Luis.

Matti was hurt bad.

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We will find them.

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Where do you keep your medication?


Could it be that he has a crush on you?

Is it possible to reproduce 70 copies of your report which appeared in the November issue of The Network and distribute them to our agents?

I'll get lost.

The airplane is ready for landing.

The host usually carves the roast at the table.

The flower is alive with bees.

He has just left home.

Do I need this?

They are at war with the country.

Linda was wildly excited to learn that her aunt Nancy was coming to visit her.

This laboratory is equipped with the latest computers.

Leads invited my best friend to her party, but she hasn't invited me.

Take away love, and our earth is a tomb!