Even though a daughter rarely likes her mother's lover, a mother always has a certain attraction for her daughter's lover.

We have to do the best we can.


It seems rather expensive to me.

The dogs chased Sheila through the woods.

Who's your favorite female rapper?

Did you know Venkata very well?

Don't you care what happens?

That's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

He dug a hole in the garden.


You are unbelievably naive.

No matter what you say, I won't change my mind.

I have to go help them.

Since our father is bedridden, we take turns looking after him.

I forgot to mention it to him.


The movie was a real tear-jerker.

When you die, you will begin to see more.

I passed the city hall on my way to the station.

Her eyes widened.

This one is all yours.

She could only take Japanese lessons for a few hours.

I'm just here to help them out.

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What do you want to give Gordon for his birthday?

Hotta is literate.

I don't like being around sick people.


I have ears and eyes where nobody has them.

I think that some companies should be fined for violating privacy laws.

That's not unusual, is it?

There wasn't any cat there.

We can't afford to buy a new car.

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They named the dog Cookie.


You're soaking.

I can speak Osmani.

That's too expensive!

Be prepared to leave.

Are they going to arrest her?

His criticisms were very severe.

We travelled all over the country.


What's your favorite room in your house?

The Latin Quarter is a neighborhood for students in Paris.

I told you it wouldn't cost all that much.


Instead she merely looked surprised and - could it be - amused.


Alastair asked Allen to let him copy her homework.

I can't go because I am busy.

Do you realize what you're doing?


Hurry up, or you will miss the last train.

He held his tongue while he was being scolded.

Donnie says he can't live with Lou any longer.


Do you have any idea what caused this?


Who's Emily?

Shirley did not struggle.

I'll get my car.


There is some wind.

I've been summoned.

Find out if Pedro has any relatives living in Boston.

How long have you been teaching Spanish?

It looks like that may have already happened.


Don't go anywhere just yet. Wait until I get there.


Vincenzo sat alone at one of the booths in the diner.

Sweden is called "Sverige" in Swedish.

Lucius will make it.

The neighbor is walking her dog.

One more time, please.

The problem is what Kathryn does when we aren't here.

Sorry, would you happen to have a light?

Don't let it get you down!

He started acting in a childish manner.

He has no more strength.

Who did that belong to?


Put the bags over there.

There's something else I need to do.

I scoffed it dry.

In order to give him a surprise on his birthday, I prepared a fantastic cake.

It wasn't Kirsten's first time to hear Jinny sing.

I felt something touch my feet.

I'd like to try to do this on my own.


I took her arm.

I wonder if she'll recognize me after all these years.

Who locked the door?

Compared to before, it's already improved greatly.

He began to get suspicious about her.

Police pressed Ted to talk.

I like to fry fish.


We're going to be OK.

Miltos didn't mention anything about it to me.

It's been seven years since we got married.

All the apartments are occupied.

It is extremely hot and humid in Bali in December.

Where are the guns?

He took me to the station.

Everybody tasted the food.

Are you sure we've never met before?


My hat blew off.

Sunil asked Andre if she trusted John.

The reason why you failed is you did not try hard enough.


A lot of reports came to the policeman that a wild monkey was found.

I hope that my girlfriend will come.

I never agree with him.


No matter how much you try, you don't lose even a kilo. You might even gain a little weight. This is the diet plateau.

Jean didn't let Jwahar finish what she was trying to say.

Hirotoshi is probably a bit older than Naresh.

Tell me how to solve the problem.

I have no idea what'll happen tomorrow.

We'll probably never be in Boston at the same time Kolkka is.

This is above reason.

In many places blind persons sell lottery tickets.

I can't believe she just did that.


We hired a crane to lift the new air conditioner and place it on the roof.

Huashi seems to want this as badly as I do.

Soohong and Mike became acquainted through their mutual friends.

Do you like Italian?

"Did she buy a watch?" "Yes, she bought one."


I'm sorry I'm calling you at work.


There was no answer to my question.

Diane is very special.

That's wrong!

Debi probably saved my life.

We didn't know which bus we should take.

There's no problem.

Sorry, but we're booked up.

It doesn't go with the room at all, but I got it for free so it's all good!

He has no more than one hundred books.


He's knowledgable about a variety of subjects.

Meeks pressed the doorbell three more times.

Who wants to begin?

The theater used to open on Mondays only.

The barn is empty.

I want you to tell me the truth about Janice.

Don't use another language!

Tommy has gained a lot of weight.

Kenneth is eager to speak to you.


How many videos do you download per day?

This is really ridiculous.

Tartar is a form of hardened dental plaque.

Who eats bees?

I think Uri will win.

Johnny went out to eat.

There is no stopping a girl's tongue.

On average, one American consumes as much energy as 2 Japanese, 6 Mexicans, 13 Chinese, 31 Indians, 128 Bangladeshis, 307 Tanzanians, or 370 Ethiopians.

They wanted jobs with the government.

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Atoms are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons.

Billie is a little like his father.

When was the last time you saw Kimmo ride a unicycle?

We were very fortunate.

I've got to see her.

Takayuki asked me where he could put his coat.

Call me at six tomorrow morning.

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Don't forget!

He is advised to keep to a strict diet.

The town slept.

Are my clothes dry yet?

Kanthan took one of the shirts out of the closet and put it on.

Do you have seats available for the concert?

My sisters would like to come to the party with us.

What is the best remedy for colds?

I wanted to talk to Tigger about something.

I searched all over for him.

Have you seen that thick book?

The most significant characteristic of modern civilization is the sacrifice of the future for the present, and all the power of science has been prostituted to this purpose.

These shoes have lasted one year.

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I wonder why he did not come to the party.

You cannot at all imagine how much suffer you caused her.

The friction by the chalk on the black board made a disagreeable noise.


I am going to swim a lot this summer.


He has three wires.

Are you sure Charlie was at school today?

I'm afraid Shutoku might get hurt.

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Are we going to empty a glass?