The parents in this community have banded together to support their schools, with the end result being notably higher student test scores and graduation rates.

Has Carlos called?

Sidney hates carrots.

Bobbie had a ring on every finger of her left hand.

Better to be deaf than to hear that.

What you're doing is unforgivable.

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Treatment will begin tomorrow.


The chicken hasn't laid eggs lately.

Stop complaining, and come have a drink with us instead. That will change your mind.

The government had to alter its foreign policy.

Ole has a good reason for not telling Duncan what she wants to know.

Telephone booths are very scarce around here.

Thanks for coming, guys! See you around!

Monday is the first day, Tuesday is the second day, and so on.

We'd be crazy if we did that.

Can I make a couple of suggestions?

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Got it?

Please inform me of the plan ahead of time.

He can't have heard you.

I just wanted to teach you a lesson.

I've been on the city council for five years.

I made up my mind to join a tennis club.

It's half past eight.


Cooking is interesting.

Do you really want Izchak to do this for you?

Do you think we'll get to the station in time?

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Give me one more.

You have to do as I say.

I think this is mine.

Many people are better off than they used to be.

The movie is popular among the youngsters.


I've decided to continue studying.

Where did you fold them?

Nobody wants to die.

Philae landed and then bounced for 2 hours before landing again.

Due to technical reasons, the search feature is currently disabled.

You may sit wherever you like.

That's a pheasant.


Pawn pawned by pawn.

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Bryce drank three cocktails.

We agree on this.

Excuse me, I'd like to try this on.

There's a bomb on the plane.

I'm lucky I'm alive.

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He lost his sense of direction in the dark woods.

Dean is the only friend I have here.

Bud caused the accident.

I can speak Esperanto as if it's my mother tongue.

We just got home.

He gave her a box.

Terrance isn't about to back down.


I ate a very tasty sweet.

She came here once again.

It is about time we bought a new microwave oven.

Should I wait for Stewart to finish?

I already have one of those.

Sheila's mailbox is full of postcards.

I often eat peanut butter on crackers.

I think we have enough money.

It seems necessary for you to come again tomorrow.


I told her what I know.

Liza is pretty shaken up.

Here's the magazine you were looking for.

I feel I'm playing Russian roulette with my life.

We should take the necessary steps before it's too late.

Why didn't Margaret tell us what to do?

I did all the work myself.


Chris became fairly fluent in French after about three years of intense study.


I could do everything faster when I was younger.

Tommy cracked his knuckles.

I tried baking bread for the first time, but it's dry and not tasty.

I wanted you to see that I'm not all that bad.

It began raining just now.

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The Princess's horse was called Falada, and could speak.

Oleg has arrived on time.

I hope you know where you're going.


There are about ten to twenty students in total.

When did you get out of jail?

Will you help me prepare for the party?

I'll be back as soon as possible.

Read the book again and again.

I went to your school.

I recommend it strongly.

Don't let him talk to Taninna.

He did the work for himself.

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Must get some food.

On my days off I do things like go to the movies, lounge around in cafes, and cook.

He was thrown in prison for robbery.

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Bobby can handle it.

I walk every day.

What is your favorite song on this album?

They filled the jug to the brim.

They made him the chairman of a club.


He drove to school.

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"What's the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?" "I went back to sleep."

The police required him to appear.

Some humans believe that there exists a god who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.


I'll give you as much money as you want.

Dimitry cheated on Sheila and then he cheated on her.

The Diet is now in session.

I want to sign the contracts.

Don't cross him or you'll regret it.

We arrived at the office on time.

I can't believe that Jamie is gone.

I don't think I ordered that.

I brought a child into the world with her.

Masanobu confessed that he had stolen the money.

I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you.

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Julian was very much in agreement.

Are you involved in politics?

The police are now inquiring into the cause of the fire.

Stay quiet.

I've had a lot of calls today.

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Tell me when to call at his office.


He could make his way in life.

Mr. Smith established this school forty years ago.

Let me show you where to put that.

I will run under the condition that it's not raining.

None of his students could solve the problem.

So what's going to happen?

He is trusted by his parents.


He quit smoking for the sake of his health.

That's a stupid name for a band.

Andrew was seriously injured in the accident.

Whereas birds of prey typically do not, many birds have very large fields of vision.

Yeah, I'm going to take tomorrow off.

It's raining. You might just as well stay home.

She has taken everything from me.

I shoved him.

Will you lend a hand, Taro?


As for myself, Saturday will be convenient.

She raised the boy to be a fine person.

Don't forget your student ID.

That's a scary thought.

Johnathan needs to get some rest.

We're going to eat right now.

I always take the subway, to go to the city.

This meat is chicken.

I don't remember you at all.

She felt quite worn out after arguing with friends.

Why are you asking my opinion?

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I say that a wise doctor, when he does not know what he is talking about, should know enough to keep his mouth shut.

Bud was the first one here this morning.

I suggest you study a little harder.

Linder didn't have a fever this morning.

I think I've seen you around.


Do you read lips?


We're really scared.

"Remember me?" "No." "Well, well. I'm surprised you don't recognise me!" "Are we supposed to?"

Father will be back in a few days.

I don't want to go back home. I want to party.

Jock is a good fighter.

I have to write a paper of more than 10 pages for my summer homework.

I need a hand.


Why would Rayan go there?

I'm a lot slower now than I used to be.

Beside the mayor, many other distinguished guests were present.

We sat up half the night just talking.

I'm really feeling kind of strange.

Were you compassionate?

What are you following me around for?

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This is cheap.

The tree fell down by itself.

May contain nuts.

I wish my wife could cook.

His face expresses joy.


Do you have health insurance?


What do you think I'm doing?