After completing a bridging course, Jinchao was able to practise his profession in Australia.

Roy has a perfect alibi.

I don't want them to go away.

She does not cook well.


I wish you a nice day!


We don't want Stewart to get hurt.


Norm followed Roderick in.


What can be seen in this picture?

For us too one day the sun will shine.

I had imagined that the newbies fresh from university would probably be stuck with all the backstage work - collecting reference material, getting copies and such but I couldn't have been proved more wrong.


You're lying.

Patience is the most beautiful virtue.

Pilot is quite conceited.

I'm sorry I can't join you today. I have to run a lot of errands before this evening.

No matter how many times I've been shown, I just can't learn how to tie a tie.

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Blow your nose.

I would be very pleased if you did this for me.

I come from a small town in the Midwest.


I want to get a bank loan in half a year's time - what should I be doing now?

Strictly speaking, she's not qualified for the job.

I helped him carry his luggage upstairs.

Excuse me, but might I use the phone?

Sheriff Wyatt Earp talked to that old trapper yesterday.

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The First World War began in 1914 and ended in 1918.

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Things are different here.

I don't like the way Janos did that.

Will feeding my dog garlic cause any problems?


There was no stopping them.

What on earth gave you that idea?

I'm leaving because I don't want to keep standing around.

Wombat is a typical australian animal.

You shouldn't eat just before you go to bed.

Open the cupboard on the left. That's where the bottles are.

I will examine your report.


I'll be brief and concise.

Raanan never told me he loved me.

Spencer's not happy with that.

My parents come from China.

I'm sure it'll pass.

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I didn't try to kill myself.

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I have pictures of Tad.

Identify Walter.

In the winter the elk congregate on the golf course.

I think I have the key to that drawer.

Please buy me a turtle, Mother, please buy me a turtle.


Hector is from Peru. He is Peruvian.


John is sure to win the game.

Clyde knew about all that.

Tell her to wait in the lobby.

Has your father come yet?

What did you think we were talking about?


The gunman was Jack Ruby.


It looks like rain.

The pension is not sufficient for living expenses.

Where did you sue them?


He came by the freeway.

We can work something out.

Does your brother like ice skating?

I have to see him now.

It is because of his selfishness that no one wants to associate with him.


Could you do that?

Bill accepted my statement as true.

How big is your garden?

Marek was hiding in the shadows.

Does Arthur ever get mad at you?


We saw clouds above the mountain.

What kind of rope is this?

She winked at me as much as to say she knew everything.


Everyone likes pizza.

She stopped to talk.

Sarah has nothing better to do right now.


Go to sleep whenever you want.


They called John "King John".

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Connie handed Malloy something.

Amos seems clever.

It's possible that Calvin lied to you.

Do you want to go shopping?

He makes the most of his opportunities.

They have plenty of food.

Paola will be a good doctor.

Lui is a man after my own heart.

He scratched his head out of habit.

Would you like to leave a message?

I'm just going across to the flower shop.

Would you like to tell me something else?

May I have your order, please?

There is food enough for us.

Have I kept you waiting long?

These green leaves turn red or yellow in autumn.

This squirrel is afraid of heights.


What are you promising me?


Are you angry at what I said?


It gets on my nerves.

The moment the teacher left the classroom, it became quite noisy.

I'm going to go feed the ducks.


I'm going to find you.

There were hundreds of taxis at the airport, all touting for business.

I'd like to meet him.

Do you think Jayant has a chance?

What's everybody laughing about?

Ole asked Alexander to stop the car.

The police think it's a suicide.

Is that supposed to happen?

No medicine can cure a man of discontent.

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Robert comes to visit me every now and then.


What do you like to eat for lunch?


Kris asked Elizabeth to take a look at it.


He opened the window to let in some fresh air.

They belong to the chess club.

Give her a second chance.


There is no need for a comma in this sentence.

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I have no mind to go for a walk.

Just remember I dropped everything to be here for you.

Tovah was sentenced to life.

She thumped the table with her fist.

You're very fortunate to have such a good job.

The Red Cross gets help to disaster victims without delay.

I've requested political asylum.


Play there.

That was a stupid thing to say.

We have more to do.

I met her on Friday the 13th.

I looked the word up in the dictionary.

May I go to the fountain?

I need him to know that.


I got you a little present.

Our team lost all of its games.

These were victims of war, so to speak.

I went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat.

A sadist likes inflicting pain; a masochist, receiving it.

The parents named the baby Akiyoshi.

I'm as curious as you are.

Y ain't ya axed 'bout dat?

The baby is crying for milk.

Don't you have a sense of justice?

We're speaking English.


It's fair today, so we can work all day.


Jesse told me he had three hundred dollars in his wallet.

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I don't see what you two are so happy about.

I want the truth from you.

Umbrellas are very useful when it's raining.

At the Battle of Verdun, French forces stopped a German attack.

I asked for this thirty minutes ago.

The truth is sometimes submerged, but it doesn't drown.

The average man is bigger than I.

Laurent looked up quickly.

My father is to visit Korea next week.

The child stopped crying and calmed down.

Don't go there.

Zoology deals with the study of animal life.

What else do you know?


It shouldn't be like this.

They are still together.

You should be put away.

I cleared the roof of snow.

Dan was recovering from alcoholism.

Thuan is likely to be back soon.

Norm left his keys in the car.

This train is made up of seven cars.

There's something strange about this house.