When was the last time you got drunk?

Nanda doesn't feel like studying.

We had a quick lunch at a cafe.

If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it.

I went looking for pretty shells as a present!


There's nobody like you.

Daily exercise is essential for your health.

Francis ought to be allowed to go to Shatter's party.

When I put 100 yen in and pressed the button to buy a coffee at the vending machine, four cans dropped down all at once!

At the moment, things are not are not going so well for me.

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Are you a racist?


We invited him to the dinner party.

You need not stand up.

My God, help me!

Have you ever spoken to them?

Bertrand looks younger than I expected.

The implication was clear.

I didn't think you could keep it a secret.

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Rynok Square is the historic centre of the city.

I know this isn't exactly what you wanted, but it's all I could find.

Colin clearly wants to go.


She is wearing a white dress today.

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We know something happened there.

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You can't seriously expect me to go home now.

I'm afraid something is wrong with him.

I am having a nap.

They think you killed Marshall and took his money.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy and complaining about the shadow over my feet, I'd have cherished every minute of it and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was to be my only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

The child talked with his eyes shining.

Laura has to meet Stacy in the park tomorrow at 2:30.

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I don't hear a thing.

You must make an effort.

You have a latent problem here that will cause trouble in the future.


You missed your ten o'clock appointment.

They voted.

Who gave them to you?


Don't even touch me.


From these verses, we can see the different description of the same entity: the city, the kingdom, the heavenly Jerusalem, the church, and Mount Zion.

I don't believe we've been formally introduced.

I'm still not sure I should be doing this.

I don't want to pay through the nose for a hotel room.

It couldn't hurt to give it a shot.


Stop. You're hurting me.

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Shannon won't get in trouble.


I don't want to work here.


Students, by working part time, are able to scrape up tuition fees by themselves.


Yesterday, they went to the movies.

There's a lot of traffic today.

I ran the risk of losing my job to help her.

Don't let it get you down!

Fifteen milliard euros must be saved over the course of the next four years.


I blush to think of such conduct.


We want to make learning effective, interesting, and fascinating.


Stephan is irresistible.


The thief ran away when he saw a policeman.

I'm not good at negotiating.

What did it mean?


Thanks for taking her fishing.

The city dedicated a monument in honor of the general.

They got married last fall.

She enjoys listening to classical music.

Once there lived a very wicked king in England.

Leif wants to get better at French.

I would read this book, but I don't have the time.

Clean your plate!

I am not without my shortcomings, but these shortcomings can easily be amended.

I was caught in a shower.

Amedeo didn't know the reason why Carlos couldn't go bowling.

She lived there about five years.

I've broken my arm, so I have to wear a bandage for the whole week.

It fell to me to take care of the baby.

Erik denied taking drugs.

Jos says he's never kissed Kelvin.

I've entered appropriate settings on washing machine.


I wasn't allowed to see him.

General Andrews sent for more reinforcements to stave off the enemy troops.

The problem is him.


I didn't realize till I visited Australia how small Japan really is.

Lucifer hoped Kerry would stay in Boston for a while.

I'm older than you think.

I bought the same camera as you have.

The troops soon put down the rebellion.


Shankar won't be arrested.

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Prices have soared.

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He gave the impression of having much money.

It's the thought that counts.

Hurricanes are known by different names around the world. In Japan they are Typhoons, while Australians call them Cyclones.

I've invited Manuel to dinner.

It was a perfect moment.

I was helped to do my homework by my sister.

Sho said he wasn't so sure.

I run to the toilet every thirty minutes.

Why does spicy food make you hiccup?

Don't get me started.

He speaks Esperanto with a slight French accent.

An American politician reportedly said: "All I know is what is on the internet."

It's pretty weird.

Laurent thought that it would be a waste of time to go to that meeting.

I don't want to be treated special.

The German Flocken Elektrowagen, invented in 1888, is considered to be the world's first electric car.

Nothing is missing.

It's too loud.

Eli is with him.

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I like him better this way.


How did you know my name was Jagath?

The angry mob wanted Jesus killed for blasphemy.

Did you give it to him last year?

I'm going to play chess with Russ today.

The wouldn't abandon Spass.


He is left out of everything.

Martyn brought a blanket.

I'm worried about them, too.


I thought you lived with your family.


I have to buy some swarfs.

I'll take Ramesh home.

Look at the girl with the long hair.

Why should Earl say anything?

Gail just missed the train.

Light refreshments will be served.

You're much cuter than your sister.

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We're working hard on it.

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Don't you feel happy and relaxed?

We wanted to keep you informed.

Dimetry and I were very worried.

We can't just leave Gypsy here by himself.

Make me your waiting maid, or set me to any work you choose, but do not cast me forth into the world.


I'm going to swim every day.


Why do you think Spock never wears red?

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Someone like that is destined to fail.

I'm not particularly worried.

Parents often make sacrifices to give a good education to their children.

What's you're biggest regret?

Walter is the tallest boy on our football team.

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My nail has broken.

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I wasn't home.

This book is my good luck charm. I read it every five months.

No one is better at this than me.


The whole village was dark and deserted. The stores were closed, the doors, the windows. In the streets, not even a dog could be seen. It seemed the Village of the Dead.


I learn Czech.


I think that he is from Egypt.

She is dear to me.

Did he work for the communists? I guess we'll never know.

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Let's not swim.

Marla wrung out the towel.

He might retaliate.


Little girls like playing with dolls.


Nicholas's husband didn't even stick around until the baby was born.

Gasoline is scarce around here.

Lee attended Harvard.

I told Sergiu I was coming.

Helen rushed out of the room.

My poor dumb friend died this morning.

It's one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Seen from distance, the rock looked like a human face.

He is a very decent fellow.