Why are beautiful things so fragile?

I'm celebrating.

I had no school today, so I spent the whole day at home watching TV.

I don't care if you don't like your Aunt Soohong. You'll just have to grin and bear it while she's here.

Who did you have lunch with?

A good poker player can tell when someone's bluffing.

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The twins are very much alike.

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You never seem to eat very much.


Rugby, American football, and Australian rules football all come from soccer.


She's Jeffrey's younger sister.

I'm looking for my cellphone.

I didn't think anyone still lived in this house.

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How hard is learning to fly?

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I work for a firm of publishers.

I asked Sam to send me books to learn German.

Can't we play a little longer?

I think you should tell Sridhar that.

America, here I come!

The truce was broken by gunfire in the Ukraine.

She will have to be by herself during her stay at Oxford.


Even Vijay was baffled.

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Why is this happening to me?

I think it's just a typo, rather than a grammatical error.

Did you phone me?


My kids bought me this.


She doesn't live near the office.

Where did you buy the ticket?

Barton couldn't be contacted yesterday.

What do you want to eat?

This time I'm really scared.

I have yet to hear that story.

He didn't get the job.


Saumya said he'd never heard of me.

They didn't win, did they?

When did you meet?


Shatter lives in the suburbs.


Douglas is picky.


I'm sick and tired of pretending that I'm something that I'm not.

The fire broke out after the staff went home.

We haven't done anything.

Laurel has been working hard the whole time.

A plate of pulao with some kebabs is heaven on earth.

Here is the demand forecast for 1998.

Analgesics may be used if pain is severe.

Nici is worried that he might get fired.

Your mom is here.

Did Nguyen teach you how to do that?

Spain is called "Espanya" in Catalan.

I only eat like this when I'm miserable.

As soon as we find out anything, we will contact you.

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The cake is shaped like a tree.


Please tell me the precise time of their arrival.

I once hoped that my mother would survive until I got married.

The theater company's characterization of Anne Frank was very emotional, but tasteful.

That's very romantic!

Are you sure you want to do this right now?


Stop grumbling.


Steve carried Bart on his back.

You look pale as a ghost.

Vidhyanath has admitted his mistakes.

This road is the only approach to the city.

He suggested we should stop smoking at the meeting.

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I don't know what got into them.

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I just wanted to proofread my e-mail.

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Mikey is too young to be the boss.

We're not alone.

Isn't it true that you own a gun?


I'll show you what Joyce gave me.

When are you coming to the Netherlands?

Certainly, you're right.

I'm not sure I can do it.

He ran away from her.

Do come in.

How many beer cans did he drink?

The writer is very humorous.

The union went out on a strike for an indefinite period.

Ken'nichi made a pond in the shape of Lake Geneva.

Please deal the cards.

I do not know every one of them.

Man should smell like a man.

A rainbow is one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature.

Let's pack our suitcases and get ready to go.

I want to talk to the police.

I know you probably don't want to go to Boston, but I'd like you to go with us.

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Watch out! A car is coming!

This can lead to a catastrophic failure.

I won't let her down.


Somebody must've picked it up.


Too much drinking will make your life a ruin.

That accident is a good illustration of his carelessness.

I have been playing the piano since I was fifteen.

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You would never understand.


I thought you might be able to help.

That was well writ.

If you want war, you'll get war.

I thought you gave Noam your old jacket.

He lives above me.

Challenger exploded on January 28th 1986.

Will you take me with you?

Will you keep playing all night long?

We have to rebuild.


The air is pure around here.

Leslie had his car key in his left hand.

I just want you to know that I really love you.

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Tell me how it went later.

You're not a city girl, are you?

We've got more than enough time.

Marry in haste, repent in leisure.

Will you show me the way to the museum?


I still think we should've told your dad where we're going tonight.


That happened pretty fast, don't you think?

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Are you planning on buying a new computer?


Did Hume object?

He said he wouldn't be gone long.

You were hungry, weren't you?

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Sanche cleaned his room this morning.

He's two years younger than I.

She is running outdoors.


She reported the news.


I'm going to leave you.

I didn't really like the stew that Roger made.

Three other soldiers were wounded.


You know it's a lie.

Don't deceive Gabriel.

Our experiment has revealed that his report was inaccurate.

His attempt proved to be a failure.

His action is against the law.

He went through many horrible days in the war.

The pie is delicious.

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The man must be insane.

It's her fifth birthday tomorrow.

I must speak to Pat about Jeff.

Something has happened.

Use your instincts.

How about another piece of pie, Rod?

This promotion properly reflects the quality and diligence of your work.

From their enemies, wise men learn many things.

She is looked up to by her friends.

Muhammad, peace be upon him, was born in Mecca.

I found the banana on a steep mountain road.

I thought you just had two drinks.

The shabby compartment remained vacant.


Tear a page out of your copybook.

Do people ever accuse you of being obstinate?

Ritchey is done for.


Which one do you think is correct?

At times like this, words are woefully inadequate.

He is used to talking to foreigners.

Sandip knows who killed his dog, but he won't tell us.

Dick plans to go there alone.

No one's here.

He likes to beat around the bush.


Roxie opened her purse and looked around in it.


That's one of the perks of being the CEO.

But this is not going to work with me.

You've gone too far!

Witnesses reported seeing Dan almost everywhere in the town.

Has something fun happened lately?