NCCC, The Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference.

The XXth conference will take place from March 4-6 2019 in Noordwijkerhout.

Welcome to the website of the NCCC, The Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference.

The next Conference, the XXth anniversary of NCCC, will take place from March 4-6 2019 in Noordwijkerhout. Information about speakers can be found under 'Programme / Speakers'.

The conference continues the successful series of meetings, started in Lunteren (2000) and continued annually in Noordwijkerhout. The conference combines a number of national symposia in the field of chemistry and catalysis. Traditionally, participants from Flanders-Belgium also contribute to the meeting.

NCCC offers an unique, international forum to exchange innovative ideas between academic and industrial scientists in a broad area of catalysis and chemistry research and technology.

Confirmed Plenary speakers XX 2019

Prof.Dr. Christopher Jones, Georgia Tech, USA

"Incorporating Molecular Active Sites into Solid Materials – On the Intersection of Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Catalysis"


"Solar fuels from CO2 catalytic reduction with Earth abundant metal based molecular catalysts"


"Enantioselective Catalysis of Photochemical Reactions"


"Heterogeneous catalysts are dynamic "


"Direct Conversion of Methane into Methanol, is it Feasible?"

Confirmed Keynote speakers XX 2019

Prof.Dr. Harry Bitter, U Wageningen, The Netherlands

"Is catalytic biomass conversion a different kettle of fish?"

Dr. Maricruz Sanchez-Sanchez, TU Munich, Germany

"Generating functionality in metal oxide catalysts for selective oxidation of light alkanes"

Prof.Dr. Dörte Rother, Jülich, Germany

"Synthetic Enzyme Cascades – An Eco-Friendly, Selective Synthesis Strategy"

(516) 877-8506

"Imaging Hierarchically Complex Catalyst Bodies at Multiple Length Scales"

Prof. Dr. Wesley Browne, U Groningen, The Netherlands

"Time resolved and resonance Raman spectroscopy in the elucidation of mechanisms in transition metal catalyzed oxidative transformations"

(516) 833-6276

"A perspective on catalyst testing in industry"