Joanne has several thousand books.

Bravery is a great virtue.

Gazpacho is a cold tomato and vegetable soup from Spain.

Give a man a mask and he'll tell the truth.


The kid is peeing.


I asked twenty friends to the party.

This is not blue; it is violet.

The task will be accomplished in a year.

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Who said he wanted to join the special forces?

Floyd told me to leave the room immediately.

Without his wife's money, he would never be a director.

I went to church every Sunday when I was a boy.

My uncle died of cancer of the stomach yesterday.

We're coming right back.

In a word, she isn't any use.

I don't like my brother climbing the mountains.

Larry might even be richer than we thought he was.

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The welcome rain has extinguished all the bushfires. Now floods are predicted.


We should remember that politeness doesn't function at the conscious level.

Even a child can do such a thing.

My dog is pregnant.

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The police began a crackdown on illegal parking.


We went skiing in Canada.

It is possible.

Bucky has plans.

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Mitch looked very young.

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It was a difficult problem indeed.

What are you going to make for dinner?

Can I call you back in twenty minutes?

Christina hasn't been home yet.

She must be rich to have three cars.

Roxanne is using an external hard disk.

Don't tell a single person.

I'll punch your lights out!

Do you know where the money is?

Marco has what it takes.

Catherine wanted to go to the shopping center.

Vinod will be back after a while.

He was happy to hear her voice.

This is above reason.

I don't like it when you bring work home.

Are you tired of living?

If everyone could pay close attention, please. I will now auscultate the patient. Make sure to note the proper procedure because you all will be practicing this tomorrow.


My dear little cat disappeared a week ago.

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Somebody has to stop him.

In Hong Kong there are two types of liquid food which are considered absolutely vital: Cantonese soup and congee. It is curious to note that however "thick and ingredient-filled" the soup is, it's always drunk and however "thin" the congee is, it's always eaten.

I'm sure Donald will be contacting you in the near future.

I think we'll get there in time if we don't get caught in a traffic jam.

She was indignant at the way she had been treated.

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He went to America for the purpose of studying American literature.

We selected the chairman by a vote.

We could've made a fortune.


We made him go.

Samuel, you look terrible. What happened?

As cultural exchange continued between the two countries, their mutual understanding became even deeper.


Joanne is my kind of guy.

Your child tore my book to shreds.

The money came like manna from heaven.

The cinema was filled with people.

Everyone in the car said they wanted to get out and stretch their legs.

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One won't profit by an insincere gift.

Do you know the boy in the picture?

Can I sit here?


I hate to interrupt you but it's very late.

After putting up this bloody Ikea wardrobe, I found myself with three screws in my hand, and no idea where they were meant to go.

It will do harm to us.

Just swim.

At what time will your girlfriend come back home?

We are baking cookies.

Everybody looked sick.


I feared they might injure themselves.


Give yourself a break.

Are you involved?

Months went past without any news from him.

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Let him rest.

It was enjoyable.

I had to carry Suwandi to bed.

Do you wear a kimono?

He couldn't make up his mind which course to follow.

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Did Jakob leave anything behind?

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Of course they resemble each other in some ways.

What you give to the nasty, you always regret.

I sent them home to Boston.


Jeany needs a good lawyer.

What a lovely doll that girl has!

I have no quarrel with Tollefsen.


Our water supply is very short.

She watched the children swimming in the pool.

I think I could be persuaded.

Philippe pressed the pause button.

Bruno was listed among the missing.


My refrigerator is out of order.

Someone rang the doorbell, it's the maid.

No wonder you've got a headache; the amount you drank last night.

Next week, I'm going to New York.

What Ritchey says is often irrelevant.


He crossed the street when the signal was red.

There is an urgent need for drinking water.

The Japanese yen is a stable currency.


His mother died when he was eleven years old.


Seenu should know better than to ask Christina for a loan.

Do you like ice cream? Would you like an ice cream?

Real put something in Sanjib's drink.

That's exactly what might happen.

"Do you have a dog?" "No."

That small one is also mine.

He is afraid of being cheated.

I felt comfortable.

She wrote about it in her diary.

The hedgehog is a small animal.

I've been in this place too long.

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What's important isn't which university you've graduated from, but what you learned while you were there.

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Why aren't you wearing those earrings I gave you?

Terrence can't get along on his salary because he has high medical expenses.

You know me better than that.

I've got a lot to offer.

I just want an affordable place to live.

I sure wish I could speak French better.

I'll try asking Clare for some money.

My job is the same as it's always been.

I'll be going back to the family house.

The hard disk was completely destroyed.

First he has conducted a preliminary test with the new electronic alkotest before he was sent for a laboratory test.

We're not in the 80s anymore.

She felt quite alone.

We are apt to make mistakes.

Dole out your wisdom a little at a time.

He averted his gaze.

We spoil our youngest daughter.

I can't forget about that stupid movie.

His death was instantaneous.


Hubert seems very distant today.

I started to write a book.

Dan began dating his childhood friend, Linda.


I hope you're satisfied.

I've lived here for three years.

Case could tell that Panzer was upset.


The colour of Esperanto is green.

Fine weather added to the joy of our trip.

I love him despite his faults.

Molly doesn't have enough money to pay all his bills this month.

You're still up?

Jef walked down Park Street past Uri's house.

Shakil thinks Colin is mentally ill.


Trey is a Luddite.

What am I supposed to tell her?

Sleep well, Timmy.

It looks all right.

This is my table.

I need to check on Vassos.

We're not ready to do that.

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Since it was the first time we arrived late at school, our teacher didn't give us detention.

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He is not so foolish but he can tell that.

The fireside evoked a pleasant warmth against the chill of mid-winter.

You have only to put them together.


I was compelled to follow her.

They play bridge every free moment.

I'm not in the mood to go downtown.


I can't thank him enough.

I'm supposed to wait for her.

Give your papers in.

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It's nobody's business.