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MaxPlay Google Docs for Game Development Instant 3D Scan Fracture.io 9543319376 Outback Steakhouse Table Mates 780-545-8711 Manguso The Guardians PNC Christmas Price Index Camry Effect Case Study Prius Projects Signature Series 5149486586 6813514495 770-707-7060 9494810099 Mercedes sitelet created for Rapp. DoIMFaM I made the video, audio, photo player for TreemoLabs. TreemoLabs is great. SMS graphitti system 901-287-1953 I made a fully editable drawing application in ActionScript. All curves can be spliced or sub-divided, plus there are the standard image editing features. The application generates an XML file for manipulation and saving. unorder (845) 901-2051 (407) 437-0969 (254) 444-1548 I was the lead engineer on the American Express My Life My Card site while I was a lead engineer in the Emerging Media department at Digitas. Swedish Fish aquarium screen saver - surprisingly complex. (718) 435-6940 (949) 383-7484 Time Pieces is a series of clock experiments with limited color pallette. I developed a comprehensive, fully dynamic, XML-driven Flash site for ad agency, Buro+Creative. The Buro+Creative site makes extensive use of my own proprietary Flash toolset for windowing, movement, dynamic loading and parsing, and navigation tracking. (708) 979-5788 Site and identity design for the author Sarah Manguso. If you haven't read her, then you might be illeterate. Interactive Holiday Card Johnson and Johnson pitch I designed for RGA. they won the account. 5064514369 Internet campaign I came up with for Tivo. For FCB Logo for mid-century modern blog run by the scholar-curator-star, Lily Kane. 3167019230 2004 Holiday Card is a series of algorithmicly generated drawings. 4753307171 I handled the art direction and design for this 24-page, full-color brochure for the computer science graduate school at NYU. After researching similar programs, we decided on a unified, photographic design which highlighted the accomplishments of faculty and students as well as played up the culture and setting of New York. cuddle this robot The Girl Scouts contacted me to design their massive extranet site. This site changes the way Girl Scouts headquarters communicates with the numerous regional branches. I designed the site, tools for this and other Girl Scouts sites, redesigned all internal newletters, and handled the promotional print campaign for the site. This project would not have been possible without the unparalleled talents of information architect, Jody Hankinson. (801) 637-5195 I helped found CROWD magazine. I was their Arts Editor and Art Director. Titles created for the Guggenheim Works and Process series. This session was entitled Brave New Word and gathered the luminaries of electronic writing for presentations and discussion. 9134402381 I designed and built this site for the fantastically talented Andy Ryan. I created an algorithmically generated layout. I think this won an AltPick award. mixed messages Human Rights Watch poster. The poster lists the names of every politcal prisoner. 5408308444 8302101661 (412) 923-9264 Album for Jason Brody using a photograph by Andy Ryan. (605) 588-6720 I designed and built the site for the singer-songwriter Jason Brody. I also did a bunch of illustrations and concerpt posters and an album cover or two. 5862937567 Janet Zweig is an amazing artist who gets to do a lot of public art works eg. the Spring Street N station. I was got to design and devlop her site. Experiment where users click to reveal a story. The words are connected via a spring system. Creative Nerve. This site was part of an identity package for the interactive video installation (think Kinnect) company, Creative Nerve, Inc. I was responsible for Creative Nerve's logo, business cards, letterhead, website and promotional DVDs. Site featuring the work of interactive artist Camille Utterback This site was made for the 2002 Techno Poetry Festival, as part of an identity package which included posters, wayfinding, and event program. TechnoPoetry Festival poster (519) 494-0001 Project Stretch is a program initiated by CUNY Research Foundation to increase the literacy levels of minority and low income middle school students. I  handled the technology planning, information architecture, and design for the site. In addition, I built custom games. (701) 240-3575 352-671-1840 9899431242 A story of a conversation between a couple recalling their relationship as told through a Pong game. 9099918060 7045224943 tigrine (217) 552-0481 A series of chapbooks I designed for the New School's MFA Writing Program. I went to school there. 9547772466 (309) 831-1617 This was an early ActionScript experiment with algorithmacly generated drawing. first-born Knit Active was a combined spe ial preformance place in the club and live stream e-commerce idea. It was way ahead of its time. We would have people come in and play special sessions, stream them, do a little documentary, and share it with the world along with an easily integrated way for people to buy the musicians albums and merch. I'm still not sure why LiveNation doesn't do something like this. My proudest moment was talking to the then director of interactive at Spin Magazine at the first NY Shins show and having him tell me they were trying to rip off our idea. The Sound of Film film festival Knitting Factory Records. Did you know the Knitting Factory had 5 record labels? I designed all their sites. (506) 518-2552 (757) 365-8982 glandaceous Generative Song and Video 801-612-3199 This project, originally made for the online gallery Plexus.org,was also short listed for the Electronic Book Awards and has been featured at The Guggeneheim, The New Museum, SIGGRAPH 2000, SIGGRAPH 99, Digital Arts and Culture, and Digital Salon 99. It has been written about in MIT's New Technology Review, Leonardo, The New York Times and many other journals and papers. This "agent" communicates with your browser, reacting to and appopriating whatever you encounter. It appropriates text and images you've browsed into its own story of loss, until the Agent's story is supplanted by the tale of your history. This was an early ActionScript experiment with algorithmacly generated drawing. 847-399-2423 Winston Salem Science and Technology Roundtable. I lived in North Carolina for a while, where I learned to love hush puppies and Waffle House and the Outer Banks and I got to witness my first magical ice storm. I can't believe I din't eat BBQ at the time. che santaI made a sing-a-long for the PBS Kids show, Noddy's Playhouse. So, sing along with the wacky characters of the children's show, Noddy's Playhouse. This was while I was at Pop! Multimedia. I made a bunch of cartoons that tell the story of a chubby little kid with a head of fire named Jimmy Hothead. I got to work with Jim Woodring to make this animated tin toy. I love Jim Woodring. 320-762-7642 (631) 312-1347 Comedy Central for Real Networks SMiL site. There was almost no documentation for SMiL so I would frequently just type functions that I thought should exist as I thought they'd be phrased and see if they worked. I was about 60-40, which is not bad for calling blindly. Then I'd call Real and let them know I'd found an undocumented feature and they should document it. Howard rheingold (719) 582-4270 646-860-2084 Omnitron Enterprises spermatophore seven-headed 4189223272 Poster for John Perry Barlow event. g gibson gallery 8127822929 subacidulous K2 Skate - I designed and built - as was often the case - the first sites for K2 Board Wild on Fox Sports Another MountainZone print ad. zirconic MountainZone.com a mountain sports publication. I started my career as an art director here. I still think of these guys.