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The less it is affected by the weather the better clock it is.

Vistlik had a couple of suggestions.

I'm pretty sure Sedovic hasn't been to Boston.

Believe it or not, this woman has three kids.

It's time to come together around common values and show our support.

Ben ran a 100-meter race with Carl.

I do this for the fun of it.

A girl is playing the flute.

Their accusations may be true.

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I know what you guys are thinking.


I tear my clothes when I work in the garden.

You're sick, aren't you?

Think's relatives in Boston have been notified.

Will you be going?

That was just another party.

They showed me a lot of beautiful photos.

Seeing that it is late, we should go home.

He said to me, "Please do me a favor".

There is a book on the desk.

His life, like most, was full of ambiguities.

Quit sitting on the fence and make a decision!

You're more beautiful than I remember you.

Where should I put it?


There is no reason why I should help him.

Micheal doesn't get to his office until nine-thirty.

My dad is the best dad in the universe.

She get about a bit; she's always with some new guy.

You need to talk to somebody.

"What time would you like that for?" "Two o'clock would be good."

Happiness is a choice.


Run in the 40 meters.

You think that Leslie is evil?

Please tell me the way to the post office.

He knows German and French, not to mention English.

I'm pretty happy to be here.

The European Union was created as a result of a desire to rise above French-German enmity.

Son is at peace now.

A British expedition conquered Everest in 1953.

I hope that I have not offended you.

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Justin is quite busy at the moment.

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We can't just fire them.

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I go to the office as required by my work.

He fell into a slumber inadvertently.

They got away in a stolen car.


I want a martini with three olives.

I did everything I could, but I had to give up.

Nancy and Vladislav both nod in agreement.

I can't do two things at the same time.

Sanand and Sanjay are on their way here now.


Yamamoto had one hundred sixty-two ships.

Rhonda tried to pry open the window with a screwdriver.

I can read them all.

"Everybody dies", said the usually witty doctor as he pulled the plug on his old friend.

The door is already open.


Syun had no choice but to quit his job.

It didn't seem appropriate.

Can we talk in my office for a minute?

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I doubt I can go with you tomorrow.

The city has many beautiful parks.

Please don't sit on that bench.


Do you want to sell your house?


Why did you buy a turtle?

We've run out of water.

I will not borrow money from those people.

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"That was a strange dream." "What happened?"

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This is Alan's shirt, not mine.


Can I keep this?

I'll think about what you said.

What did you say to him?

When's dinner served?

What a lonely world it would be with you away!

The only useful knowledge is that which teaches us how to seek what is good and avoid what is evil.

My grandfather keeps early hours.

If you swallow a dangerous substance, it depends on the substance which measures need to be taken.

I want to speak in French.


The size of the group should not be more than twelve persons.

He's not worth it.

"We have a problem." "What sort of problem?"

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Come on, we're going from this place.

Show me another tie, please.

Tie your shoes.

But you know that!

Ninja has written another book.


Shake this bottle before you open it.

Three climbers were killed in a rock fall.

I want to smoke a hookah again.

Somebody answered.

Dreams come true.

Can you hand me that?

In Japan, the spring and fall equinoxes are national holidays, but the summer and winter solstices are not.

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Give him a second.

I should've said that.

You look the way your father did thirty years ago.

We set up the tent next to the river.

Laurence is getting married.

Vladislav wanted to set the record straight.

I'm not amusing you.

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I consider Jose a good friend.

She steeled herself not to cry.

This is a true story. A woman was admitted to a reputed obstetrics clinic to give birth.

She was exactly like a child. She wanted to be with me always.

Could you please kiss a little bit more slowly?


I am Turkish.

Terrence was robbed again.

This isn't about money.

He's eating.

I can't speak Japanese.

Konrad! cried out the young man trembling; Vadim, you here, and in such a state?

He rejoiced at the successful business transaction.

No matter how hard you try, you can't learn English in two or three months.

Brandi looked at the snow falling inside the snow globe.

Do you know the name of this game?

Let's start translating!

And soon your luck will turn for the better.

I'll be with them if I'm needed.

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Jeffrey says he doesn't know when Nici was born.

The clock is ten minutes slow.

Sally has lost quite a lot of weight.


The flood caused a lot of damage.

"Sometimes it seems, Barton, that we're the only reasonable people over here." "You're right, Tim. However sad it is, we're surrounded by idiots alone, and their ring is inexorably tightening."

You'd better hurry.


Elsa always drinks his coffee strong.

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I'm not sure why you're telling me all this.


I've decided to go home early today.

It's hard to keep a secret from Eric.

There isn't a Monday that would not cede its place to Tuesday.


There was no one left but me.

Jakob isn't my type.

Detective Dan Anderson believed that it was Matt who carried out the killings.

Stop it now.

Not only my daughter but some of her classmates say that they saw the criminal.

He is not a learned man, but a man of action.

I like cheese, much more cheesecake.

I let Blaine do it.

Where are we assembling?

We're not asking that you betray anyone.

I'll wait a day or two.


Put on some music.

I must give back the book to him by tomorrow.

They had a boat.

You can use my help.

Grow up and act your age!

The fourteenth most common letter in Esperanto is "m".

The bark of this tree is very rough.

I've only just started studying Italian.

Coming face to face with a dinosaur was a funny experience.


Tony did nothing.

I, too, have been to Boston many times.

Randall felt like he'd been hit by a truck.


Was that Ralph's actual voice or did she lip sync the song?


I have a few friends to talk for a long time on the phone with.

He went out without saying goodbye to me.

I'm not really that surprised.

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She was named Elizabeth after her aunt.

I didn't tell them you're here.

You must expose the impostors.

We'll be leaving before you get here.

I'm not rich but have so much to offer.

She's alone in her room reading a book.

Take him inside.

He knows his job.

Stacy had a little to drink.


It's warm enough to swim.

I don't need him.

I was compelled to do the work alone.