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We've seen aliens.

Ken heard Cristina.

The two houses stand side by side.

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We've got much bigger problems to deal with right now.

I don't know the truth.

There is a huge arch over the road.


No offense, Vivek, but you're not ready for this.

We have no further details at this time.

Vaughn is John's twin.


How many times did it happen?

Please don't vote for her.

Ruth wants me to help him with his homework.


Sho ferried the passengers across the river.

You won't regret hiring them.

There are hundreds of books in his studio.

Anne might be able to help you tomorrow.

The plastic chair is cheap.

What were you two talking about?

That's not normal.


Just tell me what you know about Hazel.

I was beside myself with joy.

I spent all day home with Steve.


This is a two-seater sofa using stain-resistant artificial leather.

Let's hope this boat engine doesn't give up the ghost when we're halfway to Hawaii.

I just hope I didn't bore you.

Lynne is looking for his wallet.

Can you advise me on what I should do?

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I like mathematics, chemistry and the like.

A bookkeeper computes all the company's income and expenses each week.

Since he was feeling sick, he stayed in bed.


I wish I could get it out of my head.

Forget it.

Make yourself a cup of hot tea.

Don't try to walk before you can crawl.

Why don't I just go talk to Ranjit?


Do you want to climb the mountain?


To dismiss the dialog box you need to click the X at the top right of the window.


Mind your own business!


Advice isn't much good to me. I need money.

That's better than nothing.

Hey, can you help me with something?

Seen from space, the watery Earth looks like a blue planet with small wisps of white clouds.

Marc regretted what he had done.

It is about time we bought a new microwave oven.

What's this music?

Phiroze is now the manager.

Kate made an apple pie.

I'm sure Torsten won't pass tomorrow's test.

They did not have permanent homes, so they did not plant crops for food.

I thought you wouldn't be able to do that.

We are checking our mailboxes.

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The earthquake caused the fire.

It was a complete surprise.

No other boy in our class is more studious than Jack.

I'll give her a hand.

The lubrication system was poorly designed.

Does Sofoklis think that I should go talk to Troy?

She knows how to make cakes.

Arthur wrapped her arms tightly around her chest.

We haven't heard of him lately.

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Are you going to sing here?


Take your notebook and take notes.

Take off your wet clothes.

I like brown toast in the morning.

Are Kim and Linley with you?

I think it's highly unlikely that Pia would be interested in buying your old MP3 player.

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I wish I had time to do it.


I beg you to help us.

We've decided to remove Vernon from life support.

I was just daydreaming.

My friends dropped by to see me the day before yesterday.

Every man is free to do that which he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man.


I sat between Edward and John.


Why didn't you just leave?

You told me that yesterday.

We helped them as well.

He sees himself as the center of the world.

Do you love your dear little dog?

He made his way through difficulties.

Alfred forgot to mention that.

Just come with me, please.

Travis joined the army.

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I had the feeling that Valerie was going to be late.


The ocean is great at sucking up CO2 from the air. It absorbs about one-quarter of the CO2 that we humans create when we burn fossil fuels.

Texting while driving is very dangerous.

They didn't fool us.

I don't like to talk about certain things.

Where's the remote?


Four families lost their lives in the fire.


These glasses aren't right for my eyes anymore; it's difficult to see. I'm going to have to get a new pair made.

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No one believes you.

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The customer did not come.

You fixed it, didn't you?

It was you that made the mistake!

Yesterday evening we heard the President talk on television.

I'm dying to order some desserts.

When written as a numerical date, March 14, 2015 is 3/14/15, corresponding to the first five digits of pi (3.1415) - a once-in-a-century coincidence!

I'll take you wherever you want to go and buy you whatever your heart desires.

Everyone except Sassan was wearing a tie.

If you happen to hear of anybody that wants to buy a house, please let me know.

Pitawas went directly to Rudolf's home.

There is also one type of idealism that says even without strength or intelligence you can do anything if you can merely persist.

I want to improve my Greek.

Damn, it's hot!


He was engaged in making a telescope.


Would you authorize me to record this conversation?

The tree was blown down.

I should've reacted differently.

You're not even close to the right answer.

I could have been happy if Jacobson had stayed.


Let's go to the movies.

He will be only too glad to help you.

The whole power structure is tottering.

Her son is a jet pilot.

Don't take him in.

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The committee are all against it.

A swan is gliding toward the reeds.

I don't know what to open it with.

I try to learn something new every day.

I have a nice golden fountain pen.

I just need to talk to them.

Please let me take a day off tomorrow.

You'll never see us again.

Coming back was a bad choice.

My uncle yielded his car to me.

My neck hurts today.

My teeth are sensitive to cold foods.

In harmony with truth.


Betty wanted to help Vladislav out.

They made a great effort to settle the problem.

I spent my vacation in Tunisia.

He's a gardener.

I've been warning them from the beginning.

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He was assigned a task.

The misery was too much for the readers to keep back their tears.

Speak up, please.


It's a very complex question.

I was waiting for that question.

May I accompany you home?


Loukas set his beer down.

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Character is what makes the difference.

Did you talk to your new classmates yesterday?

I wanted to show it to you.

Could you change this bill, please?

The naughty boy got lost and looked around.

Hein disguised himself as a woman.

We have quite a lot of work planned.

The snow that fell recently has coloured the mountain white, it is truly beautiful.

Who was that who answered your phone?

I sold my books cheaply.

I abandoned my plans.

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Where should we go next?

Donn should sue them.

I wonder where Jean is.

That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

It is not easy to write with chalk.

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Not everything is about you.

The book is full of far-flung theories without any basis in scientific fact.

I'm not a violent person.

Loosen up.

I've been getting frustrated lately.

Our world changes as fast as never before. Every week we get further from the plain living of our ancestors.

There is a good argument for dismissing you.