There were no radios in those times.

Someone stole my belongings.


Maybe I was wrong.

Who's going to tell me?

I don't wear reading glasses.

Are you wearing a protective face mask?

You were with me on that night.


I'm fed up with the food here.

I have no intention whatever of resigning.

I had the door mended.

I think they are using you.

Hardly had he finished breakfast when the telephone rang.

Are you texting Win?

He worked his way up.

I wouldn't have come all the way out here if I didn't really need your help.

Ramsey didn't have any reason not to believe Johnathan.

I want to eat meat and vegetables.

I can read French.


You are not going to welcome the guests.

Their job is to mop the office.

He stayed alone.


I wonder what happened here last night.

He just had food, he cannot be hungry.

Most of the passengers weren't wearing life jackets.

She accuses me of calling her a liar.

See you again.

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I'm going to get ready for bed.

He helped poor people all his life.

I can stay in the guest room.

The people were ferried across the river.

I received a five hundred dollar advance on my pay.

New Hampshire is next to Vermont.

Iceland is an island nation in the North Atlantic between Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Norway.

Simulations can't always prepare you for the real thing.

There's not much else to say.

When can we sit to eat?

Charleen and Peggy were alone in the cave.


She answered to the description of the missing woman.

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Replay the last 10 seconds.

He is two years older than you.

The man whom we saw in the park was Mr Hill.

Do you want us to leave the room?

The line starts back there. You can't cut in like that.

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Look at it closely.

Enter the laboratory and press the emergency button.

Why didn't you come yesterday? I waited a long time for you.

I took shelter from rain under the shop's eaves.

Winter changed to spring.

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She never lies.

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I'm really looking forward to relaxing this weekend.

Arlene was first.

Do you have work experience?

Olson and Marguerite are both teachers.

Manolis mistakenly drank poison.


Kim didn't see what happened.

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What do you think I should pack for my trip?

You might want to buy one of those.

Every liberation bears within itself the danger of a new kind of servitude.


Stacey never came home.

It's fall where they are.

To hear him talk, you would take him for a foreigner.

The stroller is in the baby's room.

Ghosts do not exist.

The rumor turned out false.

I may want to stay a while.

Maybe we should talk to Sergio again.

Mr Mitchel demanded that I pay the rest of the money by the end of the week.


Ramsey is studying to be a mechanical engineer.

I had to get something.

When can we see you?

I will live in the city.

God, I hate my job.

Blair has an uncle who works in Boston.

He contributed much money of his own accord.

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Don't let the fire die down.

Did Markus mention anything to you about my idea?

I rented a boat by the hour.

It was nice to see you again.

Your wife teaches me Italian.

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Tell Cynthia you're sick.

Hey, this pizza isn't bad. Not bad at all.

You won't be needing that.

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While one of them sped around major parts of the property on the mower, a second made a few sweeps at some tall weeds on the edge of my wife's garden, and the third got into the truck and smoked a cigarette.

They are typical young people.

I didn't mean to waste your time.

Linder exited through the gate.

Paul nodded quickly.


This math problem is unsolvable no matter which approach you use.

I want you to talk to Cindy.

No woman has ever done this before.


It looks like you know Charlene already.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

I don't know if that's true.

The game became exciting.

How did we get into so much trouble?

I have ten pens.

That's so unfair.

I'd like a doll, a new bicycle.....and peace on earth!

We can help him now.

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I don't know how I'm going to make it through today.


It would've been perfect if you'd been here.

I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Did you already know that?

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I ask myself what he did.

Nearly one billion people around the globe lack access to clean, safe water.

I want to do it very much.

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Here are my books.

He isn't back yet. He may have had an accident.

Mysore is going to Boston on business next week.

I am taking French next year.

This is an argument material to the question in hand.

Boys often imitate their sports heroes.

The angry citizens took action immediately.


I wish Kristen were here to help us.

Sir, you are not allowed to park your car here.

Please be quiet and let me finish.


Victor told Shean that John doesn't like to play tennis.


Ami has three hours to get this done.

I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Put it on speaker phone.

If you're sure you're not in a hurry, I can use a little help.

Tricia devoted himself to his family.


It's been a busy morning.


Heinrich was badly burned.

My new assistant is eager to learn the ropes.

Does anyone here even like Steven?


Anne had a stroke.


What is the weather for tomorrow?


I know you don't want to talk to me.

They won't even talk to me.

Chris liked Juha's new dress.


"In my opinion," said the younger brother, "you are wrong."

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She must have gone out.

If you want any money, I will lend you some.

The royal wedding was a great spectacle.

Sharan was just as scared as The was.

The doctor told Barrett he'd just have to learn to live with the pain.

The smoke went upward through the chimney.

Erwin and Niels didn't get along very well.


I had such a happy childhood.

Can we talk with her?

My book is floating about here somewhere but I just can't find it.

My watch has seventeen jewels.

I want you all to know that I'll never change.

Promises have to be kept.

What happened after that?


I like Australia.

Stan spent some time behind enemy lines.

I'm not really mad at you.


Pria and Earnie fell into each other's arms.

Dylan is probably talking to Kathryn right now about that.

Brothers should not quarrel.


"I don't like the new guy." "Do you mean Ariel? I think that he likes you."


How do you read and write?

"That's the one problem," he said angrily.

Dean never gives me anything.


Wishing you an enjoyable future.

I've thought a lot about what you said.

She's always satisfied with herself.

It had been very costly in lives, money, and supplies.

I tell Penny everything.