The doctor was sent for.

What is the likelihood of it happening within the next hour?


"It would be cowardly of us to turn back now", the exhausted rebel leader said scratching his chin, "we should go forward to the bitter end."

This needs to change.

I think you should come and see it.


Elvis couldn't do that either.

It's simply that I don't really understand what an "oddball" is when said by a Mixi user.

They don't understand me when I speak German.

I received my electricity bill.

Now pull yourself together.

I used to love swimming when I was a kid.

Jayesh told Phiroze that he'd be free tomorrow.

We must look at the problem from a global point of view.

Most jellyfish stings aren't deadly, but many are pretty painful nonetheless.

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I think it's time for you to come home.

The first apples have already started to fall.

The truck was carrying goods bound for Mexico.

One can drink too much, but one never drinks enough.

The ceremony is to turn away evil spirits.


We have different needs.

Mwa had put off telling Ravindranath the bad news for as long as possible.

The manual they asked him to read was two inches thick.

I hope today's ball game won't be canceled.

Shinko is full of fight.


He furnished the hungry with food.

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I'll be seventeen next year.

I thought you could use a break.

Did you sign a contract?


In the human body, we find: hair, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, jaw, cheeks, beard, teeth, tongue, etc..

She accelerated her car.

This is a good time to rob the bank.


This time, I think you're right.

His picture was in the newspaper.

Woody urged the residents of the town to form a militia.

I'll explain everything.

I want her to respect me.


Have you found the umbrella which you said you had lost the other day?

I can understand how you feel.

John kept it a secret.


I'll do that later when I'm not so busy.

Thuan hasn't been in school.

Jean returned one day earlier than expected.

Vern revealed his secret.

It is going to be rather cool.

What do you think this is worth?

Alan has a picture of Markus in his wallet.

If you come across an unfamiliar word, look it up in your dictionary.

Are you following me?


I ran out of the house.


When I heard that she was cured, my heart was full of gratitude.

Be sure to call me back.

Neil taught Nathaniel many things.

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You have some money, don't you?

Many animals were drowned in the flood.

Let's hope there is a next time.

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Let's sing some English songs together.

The scientists concluded that acids in wine make it taste bad.

He attends medical conferences.

Are you still in Scotland?

You're a smart investigator.

Please drop off this package at the Jones' when you go to work.

Dinner is ready.


Andrea took the butter out of the refrigerator.

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Where did Daddy go?

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His debts amounted to a thousand dollars.

What time is your appointment?

It made me resist the language I was learning.

This sword is heavier than I thought it would be.

I know you want to help him.

Money can't buy happiness. However, it's more comfortable to cry in a Maserati than on a bike.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Was Wayne happy?


We perceive lightning before thunder.

Every wall is a door.

No one knows what to do.

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Ernst wasn't scared of Torsten, but Raja was scared of him.

It's an excellent solution.

Compared to his brother, he's not so wise.

It's time for a fresh start.

A year's supply of the medicine costs $50,000.


We've got a lot of things to do before we can help you.


In winter, I always go to bed wearing woolen socks.

He denies having said so.

It's very obvious that Christopher likes Wilmer.

I can't deal with him anymore.

Mahmoud thought Clarence didn't like cats.

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There are a lot of people in the city.


One day, her dream to be dressed in haute couture came true in an unexpected way.


She lowered her voice.

I'm calling Raymond back.

Where's the remote control for the TV?

I'm surprised Dustin didn't notice Vidhyanath leave.

I need to discuss something with you.

Is it far from here to ___?

This is self-explanatory.

You should've followed Frederick's orders.

He's a sloppy kisser.


She felt like crying.


I read a lot of books in English.

He'll do well.

She is delicately constituted.

Scores of people gathered in front of the Royal Palace.

The land on his farm is very fertile.

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The question is what for.

The building is one hundred meters high.

He eventually married her.

I'm getting pretty tired of eating peanut butter sandwiches.

There is a chronic oversupply of rice in Japan.

No other way.

I came here to give you a gift.

Is it right that you and I should fight?

I want to be ready to leave when Rabin gets here.

We know about daily events through the newspapers.

That play was popular.


Overdose deaths from opioids have nearly quadrupled since 1999.

Tovah is working in his office.

Edwin got angry when he found the door locked.


She is happiest when she is at home.

Klaus dyed his hair brown.

It'll work now.

We went out for some fresh air.

I was more than satisfied.

I take five kinds of magazines every month.

You can't treat the class as a whole, but must pay attention to each member.

I have a feeling I'm going to like this place.

My son has taken to drinking and smoking.

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No one can remember his last name exactly.

Far be it from me to criticize, but your dress is rather loud.

I'm going to get you.

I commit my son to your care.

Maria made many changes.

They are already able to listen to the album.

It would be great if you could come with us.

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You will be going soon.


Do you prefer reading to cards?

It was difficult to persuade him to cancel the trip.

Hearing the bell, the examinees knew it was time to stop.

Please hand me my cane.

May I use this pencil?

Will you do the same?

I have a shower every night.


He picked flowers for her.

He seems absorbed in his work.

I need your car keys.

There's no accounting for taste.

Terrance didn't say why he went.

I am joining the piano competition this February.

I really appreciate you helping me.


I ordered the dog to sit.

She's cleverer than him.

John is not a man to betray you.

Go at once, otherwise you will be late.

Who knows if her parents are alive or not?

Give me the short version.

Give these children three pieces each.


He wants answers.

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We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness.

Roger traveled from town to town in the west.

I ran a race with him.


Eduardo needs to tell Dave the truth.

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In labor negotiation union leaders play an important role.