I'm sorry my pronunciation isn't very good.

Jeffery stayed in Boston for a short while.

The wind blew too hard for them to play in the park.


You were beginning to worry me.

Amanda and Bud are arguing.

Ram put some mashed potatoes on his plate.

I've told you everything.

Radek arrived very early.

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How long has Raghu been in there?

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Whatever shall I do?


She puts on a lot of lipstick when applying make up.


Those showed me his photo album.


I had to stoop to go into the room.

He is on the point of death.

Don't you miss that?

Haven't you finished yet?

I'd like to find out why Kazuhiro lied to me.


I'm glad Pratapwant invited you.

Don't you trust him?

He's a victim of his own success.

I thought about telling Doug, and I should have.

Sherman would like to paint his room blue.


Where have you been? I was worried sick.

Dan set the tool shed ablaze.

He applied himself to the study of Spanish.


Imagine there's a war and no one shows up.

Cecilia passed the ball to Damon.

She's worrying about her exams.


Half of the forest will be cut down to build hotels to accommodate the tourists who come to visit the forest.

The allotment is inadequate.

I really enjoyed myself tonight.

Meg talks too much.

Everybody at school hates me.

I have plans.

Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.


I used to eat out a lot more often than I do now.

The climate affected his health.

Barn's heating is in bad shape, comes the milk in cubic shape.

Better than nothing.

Piss off!

School has closed for the Christmas holidays.

Pascal wrote a song for Gill.

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The end is the beginning of the impossible.

Michael is not going to be happy about this.

Teruyuki didn't tell the stranger who he really was.

I'm sorry I've caused so many problems.

List tried to explain to Dimitry how to solve the puzzle.

The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.

I did what I had to do, and if I had to do it again, I would do it again...

If you have a lot of money, you will become afraid.

What say you, Lester? For you are a young lady of deep reflection, I know, and read great books and make extracts.

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Since it was Sunday, the store was closed.

I don't keep secrets from you.

Why did you disobey my order?


War is the father of all.

The lockers are the property of the school and may be searched without cause.

You eat more food than I do.

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"Here's where we separate the men from the boys." "What about the girls?"

This will be a very dangerous mission.

The idea is of paramount importance.

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Maarten doesn't have to tell me anything he doesn't want to.


I can't ask him to do that.

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Kerri has the right idea.

To prepare Americans for the jobs of the future and help restore middle-class security, we have to out-educate the world and that starts with a strong school system.

I told Dustin to study harder.

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Napoleon Bonaparte is considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses of world history.

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The apple trees grew old and new ones were planted.

He seemed to be the sorriest of all who had been involved.

He was kindness itself to them.


She can't stop laughing.


In the holidays, I spent days doing nothing.

Amos was foolish.

I'll be home by 2:30.

After eating three dishes of ice cream, Shari had a stomachache.

I'm not what I used to be.


I would prefer any alternative to a lawsuit.


He read physics at Oxford.

Please watch this movie.

He wrote a book on china.


But my mother always answered.

Sorry about earlier.

Your guess is as good as mine.

This isn't what we planned.

Does Donne complain about back pain often?


I would've liked that.


I'd like some poundcake.


I thought I'd give Brandy your phone number.

Is this the Oosakayaki I hear about?

I bought it in a thrift store.

Ravindran doesn't like us very much.

We met her by accident.


How did you come to know about her?

He came into the room first.

The two men were seen to steal into the house.

I won't buy the car tomorrow.

I'll take you to your quarters.

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Benjamin really enjoys talking with List, doesn't he?


Today there is no risk of rain.

I installed one.

We talked about a variety of topics.

I want to go to New York.

My car needs a brake job.

Could you do me a small favor?

We have a huge job ahead of us.


They're stupid.

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Would you like this?

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A nap would be good.

I have mislaid my baggage.

A lot of kids don't wear bicycle helmets.

When was the last time you did this?

When has she ever done anything for me?

Please send my mail to me in care of my father's office in Tokyo.

I am positive that he has finished.

Did I interrupt something important?

Supposing it rains tomorrow, will you still go on a picnic?

He cried out and ran away.

I don't know about the others, but as for me, I'm for it.

It was a bad situation.

Leigh doubts that Stagger loves you.


It wasn't upstairs.

Use your fist.

When I praised her son she listened very carefully.


I don't share your opinion.

My mother plays the piano well.

After the accident, Tai decided to stop skating.

Ethan got divorced again.

I know you don't ever want to see me again.

My brain is being crushed.

I had to get the axes to chop the wood.


Please lock the door.


Is Laurie armed?

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He was accustomed to frequenting my house.

Her face lit up.

Renu just got kicked out of Australia.

I've had a lot of calls today.

Is it true that you dated Clark in high school?

Actually, Sanjay is his real name.

She fell asleep during class.

I will become the most honored one in the world.

Steve knew it was safer to walk on the sidewalk, but he walked down the center of the road.

Do you suffer from involuntary urination?

Where do you think Ann is right now?

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Women are people.

The climate of England is not so mild as that of Japan, but in summer it is much cooler.

All the English teachers at my son's school are native speakers.


"Where's your cousin?" "She's just left."


You seem to remember everything that happened.

Byron didn't notice Cory go out.

Her intelligence often surprises me.

The angry wife was on the warpath; she hit her husband with a broom for coming home late and drunk.

Remember Marguerite's advice.


Bernie worked at a local prison.


Their wedding day went unnoticed.