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The room has a seating capacity of 200.

How many eggs did Mother buy?

He won't come to class tomorrow.


You're even taller than I am.


Mr Green keeps a little dog.

Every time I go out, I forget something. Always!

If only it could be summer soon.

Would you tell me the time, please?

What if he says no?

I thought Rhonda would at least understand the situation.

Margaret jumped up from his chair.

Bob missed the last train and had to take a taxi.

I thought you said nobody was going to be here.

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What's the time?

Lum would be my first choice.

Perry's daughter is getting married.

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The company gained more customers.

Help me and I will help you.

Floria is an excellent speaker.

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It is improper to impose sanctions upon the union.

We're not afraid of competition.

They tied the thief to the tree.


Dieter didn't tell Charles anything about what had happened.

Elwood seemed preoccupied.

That would be horrible.

You'll like Carolyn.

Let's all work together.

What do you have to say about it?

I wish you hadn't told Boyd that.


We made him go there.

I wasn't prepared for what happened.

Thus do all women.


The three big monotheistic religions are Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

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Not only does she keep house, but she also works as a school teacher.


The neglected room remained unoccupied.

Compared with his brother, he is a poor athlete.

Bucky gave Norbert a ride back to town.

I'd like to get a medical examination for my two-year-old daughter.

What went wrong here?


Something weird has happened here.

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It was spectacular.


Johan handled that well.


Squirrels only find a quarter of the nuts that they bury.

Let's start early, shall we?

The person we're trying to catch is very dangerous.


We thought it natural that he should be punished.


Who's Irwin talking to?

The failure resulted from his idleness.

Do you know how to use these command line tools?

I think you should be quiet.

Come here, donkey!

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Are you going to stay here all afternoon?

I wish to talk to your daughter.

Robert killed my neighbor's cat.

Take it home.

Do you believe you can mock me and get away with it?

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Further problems soon arose.

It is all delicious!

This is a big step forward.

Do you feel better now?

Punishment follows swiftly.

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Taro has lived in Obihiro for ten years.

Bea has a Dreamcast.

She won a medal when she was just 15 years old.

Can you tell me what you're doing?

I'll read you the poem I wrote just now.

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Germany's leaders were losing hope.

The Olympic Games ceremoniously celebrate the triumph of nationalism, doping and commerce.

She wore a diamond ring on her left third finger.

He's dating my daughter.

We're never going to find her.

We've stopped doing that.

Why aren't you there?


The new countries were extremely rich in resources.

I want to be noticed.

This is appalling.

I assume you're not interested in playing tennis with us this afternoon.

Two houses were burned down in the fire.

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Why are you burning these pictures?


Death solves all problems.

The house isn't huge and it's on about two-thirds of an acre, and when we first bought it I spent several hours every week getting the lawnmower fixed and cutting the lawn, in that order.

We can't do the impossible.


You're a complete idiot.

I think I'll stay at home.

Did you tell Sofia how good it was?

How many days are in a month?

I guess I won't be seeing you again.

I heard him mumble to himself.

The driver told us which bus we should take.

I'll try Jane for some money.

What languages are spoken in your country?


The butter smells good.

Kriton grew up in a one-horse town and was overwhelmed when he moved to the big smoke.

I'm really stupid, aren't I?

Are we talking about the same Laurent?

Valeria hurried down the stairs with his suitcase.

Some people don't go to a doctor because they can't afford to.

For him to trust you, you have to appear vulnerable.


I'm just doing what needs to be done.

Lois told the police that she had seen Root.

There's no time to talk.


I refused it for private reasons.

I am quite pleased with you.

I just lost my best friend in a traffic accident.


Can we afford to take the chance?


I take it you've seen the news.

There is no sugar in the bowl.

Don't air your dirty laundry in public.

The manager implied that a modest man was suitable for the position.

We need to get rid of that.

"You're ugly." "Your mom is ugly." "Your mom's face is ugly."

They brought this on themselves.


He's an expert in hydroponics.

Let's hurry it up.

Dr. Patterson: Yes, it was horrible.

She's very afraid of dogs.

She sowed her field with barley.


What was the situation in Boston?


There are parts of land today that used to be far beneath the ocean waters.

The woman stopped and looked at him.

You surprise me all the time!


The princess was of so thoughtful and moody a turn of mind that no one could make her laugh; and the king had made known to all the world, that whoever could make her laugh should have her for his wife.

The outdoor concert was canceled due to the storm.

I wonder who was at fault.

I can feel Syd's pain.

The company is bleeding money.


There was nothing I could do for Dana.

Deaf people often talk to each other using sign language.

That was a stupid thing for you to do.


Vilhelm is way too pessimistic.

May she return home safely.

Francis Crick was one of the discoverers of DNA's structure.

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I'd like to talk to John.


Francis gambled away all of the money that his grandfather gave him.

I can't remember exactly what Raman said.

His handwriting slants forwards, whereas hers slants backwards.


I didn't know how to express myself.


Christofer and I are married.

He had few other friends.

Have you ever inflated a balloon as big as this one?

Mother told him to look after his younger brother.

Are you from a planet on which only women live?


Joni is Herb's former husband.

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It appears that you have made a foolish mistake.

Ann has many friends.

I bought a red car.

Elizabeth says he feels a lot better today.

Takao thinks highly of himself.

Gregory is sticking a bill on the wall.

Could you explain that?

I've got a lot more experience than Kathleen.

Why would anybody kidnap them?

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Fanned by a strong wind, the fire spread in an instant.

It wouldn't be safe to go there by yourself.

It's an old name.

I called him, but the line was busy.

There is no cure for lovesickness.