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Thank you for visiting the homepage of Scott and Christy Mackay. Below will be links to various pages on this website, like for our genealogy, travel, and art.

Ancestors of Raymond Donald Burton

Ancestors of Raymond Donald Burton: From the Mayflower and Salem to California

Here is the book that I wrote about the ancestry of my grandfather, Raymond Donald Burton. I tried to be as accurate and complete as I could be in this genealogy.

Kehr Genealogy


The genealogy for Christy's side of the family.

Mackay Genealogy

Raymond Dwight Burton

The genealogy for Scott's side of the family. Family lines include some Mackay, Hamilton, Bowen, Burton, Johnson, and Prueske families.

Art Page

Old Smokehouse 2

The art page for Scott's art. They are mostly oil paintings on canvas from 2008-2013.