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Zap Piling is one of the leading provider of Pile foundation services, pile extractions and Temporary Earth Retaining System in Singapore. Since its foundation the company has won various awards that supports its vision.

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Whether you are a contractor, architect, or engineer, ZAP Piling Pte Ltd, would be delighted to assist you in finding solutions to your most difficult foundation challenges.

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We provide a full scope of engineering design and consulting services. With the latest technology and a strong team of Professional Engineers and Support Staff, we provide the level of expertise needed to meet the most demanding project requirements of our Clients.

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When piles are used as a temporary means of earthwork support they can be extracted for re-use. We offer several solutions. Whether you’ve installed tubes/temporary casings, sheet piles, or timber piles, we have a range of piling equipment to assist in their extraction.

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Temporary Earth Retaining System

We provide temporary earth retaining system installed during excavation and construction which are required to retain overburden soils adjacent to deep excavations to facilitate new construction or provide access for tunneling or underground applications..

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ZAP Piling Pte. Ltd. has a team of specialists capable of maximizing the result and delivering projects of any complexity and scope. Our employees are acclaimed experts in areas of project construction, management, engineering, pile foundation, pile extraction and earth retaining system.

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User Commercial Development
National Centre for Infectious Diseases
17TM – S713 Tanah Merah station T315
Jurong Port
Proposed Addition of 16-Storey Capri Hotel
C936 Construction of Bencoolen Station for Downtown Line Stage 3
17FT – S714 St. Andrew’s Sec. School
(615) 943-8721
Mt Pleasant Station and Tunnels For Thomson Line

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hand washing

Why Hand Protection is Important?

Take a moment to hold your hands out in front of you. Look at them.
They are the two hands you will ever have,
• Without our fingers or hands, our ability to work would be greatly reduced or impaired.

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Generally, contractors will not be able to do any of the following works from 7 pm until 7 am:

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(309) 579-7006

One part of saftey Promotion our management had sent, Safety Coordinator & Supervisor, included appointed Safety personnel from Stores (19 Kranji way and Kranji Link) to in-house Risk Management Training course (Biz SAFE Level 02)...

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