Mishka Designs and ONE Happenings team up for a dream destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas

Dear all, today I would like to present you an event designer Mishka, from 832-683-3690, based in Puerto Vallarta. Leslie and ONE Happenings teamed up with Mishka to create a dream destination wedding for our bride and groom in Cabo San Lucas.

I am happy to host you in Cabo San Lucas, Mishka. You live in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, but I hope you like our small piece of paradise as well!

I love Cabos – honestly, when I first landed here I did think it a bit “ugly” – Puerto Vallarta (Or Vallarta as us locals call it) is very lush and green nearly year-round so I wasn’t prepared for the stark contrast to Cabos.  But after a few hours (yes, literally a few hours!) I realized that Cabo was actually a really, really nice place.  I loved walking around down town, the beaches I visited were lovely, the restaurants were yummy and the people I met were absolutely fabulous and friendly.  I can’t quite share my thoughts (yet) on destination weddings in Cabos since this will be my first one, but so far the experience has been amazing!  I usually do everything myself so it’s been a real joy for me to work with other vendors and create something together – there are A LOT more options in Cabos thanks to Yahwe from (615) 774-0104 and his wonderful personality and style and access to things that I don’t have access to in Vallarta.

Vallarta has a beautiful downtown and a couple of nice beaches, good restaurants, etc. but the feeling is very different.  It’s a bit hard to describe.  Much of what I’ve been able to do in Cabos is much more “polished” – you have easier access to more things from the United States.  In Vallarta, I have more access to hand-made artistic products because of our proximity to Guadalajara which hosts one of the largest artisanal shopping venues in Mexico called Tonalá.  So more of what we do in Vallarta is hand-made and created specifically for each wedding.  In Cabos, I’m able to utilize Etsy and some other United States based internet sites to find just the right shade of something or just the right product for what I am dreaming of.  So, both very very fun experiences – just very different.

I am getting more and more excited for our upcoming wedding this Saturday, June 30. Can we give with our readers an insider’s view what will happen this Saturday? Would you share with us a glimpse of a design you created together with the bride?

I am super excited too!  Pelin, our bride, and I clicked from the very beginning and it was amazing to work with someone who had an intrinsic understanding of design.  I love every single detail of her wedding … the ceremony will have a chuppah like structure with beautiful ivory lace on top and soft fabric flowing on the sides but the real beauty will come from the hundreds of strung orchids and balsa wood which will hang as the backdrop.

We’re using apothecary jars to give a vintage feel but using them with modern touches – sprig of deadwood, a few sprigs of mini-roses, some succulents … there will be vintage looking wooden luggage tags for escort cards and beautiful papel picado like butterflies for place cards and fabric covered candles and I could go on and on … but suffice it to say that this will be a wedding to remember!  I absolutely heart how Pelin really put her personal touch into nearly every decision we made and this wedding is really and truly a reflection of her and her groom as a couple.

We are flipping the ceremony space to be the reception space in a matter of an hour and fifteen minutes – I have flipped spaces before but never in that short amount of time and never with 11 tables!  I am so excited about seeing the guests faces as they come back into the ceremony area for the reception!

What was the bride’s dream, and how did you help it realize with your wedding design?

I think every bride’s dream is the same, honestly – everyone wants something that reflects their hopes and wishes and sense of style but to do it in such a way that looks flawless and seamless.  My job is to listen, ask the right questions, listen some more and figure out what the core desire and dream of each and every bride is so that we can create the perfect wedding for her and her groom.  How I get there is different with everybody because each bride and groom are completely unique!

What were perhaps the challenges you needed to think of in advance to have a worry free wedding?

When I’m designing a destination wedding (which, to me, is a wedding not located in Vallarta), I always require that the bride has a local wedding planner.  If the local planner is one of the best in their location, that is a super big plus, which is what I was happy to discover when I first met Leslie and her team of vendors.  For me, it’s mostly about logistics of getting things from Point A to Point B – in this case things from both Vallarta to Cabo and from the States to Cabo.  Honestly, that’s almost always my biggest challenge with a destination wedding.  I run over and over a design in my head so many times that I feel like I know each one personally – as though it was one of my best friends … it’s amazing to put it together and see the vision in my head actually take shape in person.  This will be the very first time I haven’t personally done the florals myself  and will also be the very first time I haven’t had to make the tablecloths myself – Del Cabo has a wonderful connection with a place in the United States which ships down the tablecloths in the color you want – that may not sound like such a big deal to some people but to me that’s phenomenal!

What was for you the most exciting element in designing this wedding? Which elements did you use, any special details that you would mention…?

Honestly, everything was exciting to me – I love the challenge of combining a vintage element but giving it a more modern edge.  There are so many details in this wedding that I would be hard pressed to pick one as the most exciting – I love the whole thing!

How do you get ideas for your event designs?

A better and easier question would be “what doesn’t give me an idea for an event design” [Mishka smiles].  Anything and everything is inspiring to me … colors, dresses, candles, pillows, a billboard sign, a song, an office product, a movie – I once designed multi-colored bottles for dance floor lighting based on a scene from The Princess and the Frog!

In the end, however, my biggest inspiration is the bride and groom themselves – I have a questionnaire I send at the very beginning of the design process which asks all sorts of questions from their favorite kind of flowers to their favorite holidays to how and where they met as a couple … from there I get inspiration and start researching … if they tell me they met at a Coldplay concert in Berlin then I will oftentimes look up the venue of that concert, I’ll listen to some Coldplay music, I’ll Google Map Berlin and walk around and, more often than not, that will inspire me to add some twist or touch of that experience into the wedding.

Through your eyes, how do you see the roles of wedding designers and wedding planners in creating a wedding?

I think a coordinator/planner handles the logistics of an event – they make sure that the music, the food, the organization, the how to get from Point A to Point B, connect the client with the right providers for their wedding, set the wedding day agenda, handle the transportation.  A good coordinator makes sure that the event is on time and has timing – I LOVE timing … when you cut the cake, the fireworks go off.  When you do your first dance, the beautiful, special lighting comes on … A good planner, to me, understands drama and timing because a wedding should have, in my opinion, at least a little bit of that.  I will never forget when I was dancing my first dance with my husband way back when and a couple of friends of ours came up and started showering us with red rose petals during the dance – it was completely unexpected but absolutely romantic and the “kind of thing you see in movies.”

A Designer is responsible for anything and everything that encompasses the design … the flowers, the tablecloths, the napkins, the chairs, the lighting and the ambiance.  A good design represents the couple as well as gives the couple and their guests a definite “wow” when they see it.  I don’t want people to just think the wedding was “pretty” – I want people to think that the wedding was freaking fabtabulous – to be transported into the kind of thing you only see in a magazine or in a movie.  On the other hand, I don’t want it to be so over the top that it’s uncomfortable – a good design is about finding that balance yet exceeding expectations.

The Designer creates the look of the cake.  The Planner makes sure it tastes good ;).

Thank you so much Mishka, I look forward to our wedding this Saturday, and more weddings and events together in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta!

My hats off to you Leslie – I’ve had so much fun working with you on this wedding and I cannot wait to see the end result of this one and look forward to the next one with great excitement!

Leslie Bost from ONE Happenings nominated as Best Wedding Planner!

Dear All,

I am sooo excited to share with you today that I have been nominated by readers of Cabo Social magazine as the Best Wedding Planner at Best of Cabo Awards 2011!

This is a great honor for me and confirmation for the work we have accomplished with my team in the past years, and a great encouragement for our future weddings and events.

And while the nomination is already an award for me, I would love to be The best Wedding Planner in Los Cabos. Here I would need your help and vote!

If you like my work, please cast your vote for me at this link:
Best Wedding Planner – Leslie Bost (ONE Happenings)

Thank you so much! I appreciate your vote and support, Leslie


In my “How to” series I have already wrote about 412-801-9073.  So now that you have the best wedding planner (me of course, *giggles*), and the best photographer, let’s help you choose the best make-up artist and hairstylist.

Chelsea having her make up done. Photo by Cary Pennington

So, how indeed to choose the right make up artist?  If you have a favorite make up artist close to your home, you might decide to bring her/him along.  But this decision can be costly, and not necessary, as we have excellent (and renowned) make up artists here in Los Cabos, with a great portfolio.

Of course, choosing the make up artist for a destination wedding is not so simple, as you might not have the chance to meet him or her until a day or so before the wedding.  But choosing the right make-up artist and hairstylist might be one of the most important decisions when planning your wedding.  He or she will be responsible for your look, and the way you feel on your wedding day.  And believe me, I know – you need to feel and look the most beautiful woman in the world!  This glow is something that will be visible on your wedding photographs and video until the end of time!

I can tell you from personal experience, feeling comfortable with your hair and make-up will allow you to enjoy your special day. Here are couple of tips on how to pick the perfect person for you:



How to choose my hair and make-up artist?  If you plan on bringing along your personal make-up artist and hairstylist from your hometown, make sure he communicates with your wedding planner – she will be able to give him insider tips he/she will need to consider when doing your hair and make-up.  Los Cabos can be windy in some months, so tall hair-dos won’t last long in such occasions; Los Cabos is also a very hot destination – the artist will need to make sure that the make up doesn’t melt, or to provide on-the-spot solutions to fix make up simply.  If you are seeking to hire a local make-up artist and hair stylist, ask your wedding planner for couple of suggestions.  Personally, I know and have worked with several local make-up artists and stylists, and because through the planning process I get to know my brides well, I can recommend you a stylist that will fit your personality and desires best.

What is their experience?  Review the portfolio of their work so far, they might have them available on-line or in a more in-depth portfolio that they can send you via email.  Through it you will be able to see their style, techniques, and learn more about the stylist herself/himself.

Agree for a trial hair and make up.  Don’t wait for the last day, afford yourself a trial day.  It is the best (and the only) way to see what kind of hairstyle and make-up you’d like to have on on your wedding day, that fits best to the wedding dress, and which accentuates your best features.  The best part is that you can try several make-up and hairstyles – which you have probably always wanted, but never had the chance to do so.  TIP: Bring along your best friends to the trial.  They know you best, and they’ll be your best feedback and critical eye.  Sometimes a make-up or a hairstyle will look really good, but if they don’t fit your personality, you might not feel comfortable wearing it after a while.  And bring pictures of what you like! This will help the make-up artist get an idea of what you like.

Will the same person that does my trial also be doing my wedding?  Really important question!  If you connect well with the person who did your trial hair-do and make-up, make sure that they will be there on your wedding day.  You don’t want any surprises at the last minute.

Will the stylist remember exactly what we did on the trial date?  Don’t forget to ask this question.  Can you get photos of make-up and hairstyle from the trial?  Can the stylist provide them or should you ask your friend or a photographer for couple of photographs?  TIP: Don’t forget to write down the names and colors of products you used at the trial.  You might want to try recreating the make-up at home.

Do they speak English?  Most of the make-up artists and hairstylists speak English in Baja, but it’s never too much too ask.  You need to be able to understand each other.

Neysa Berman of Blanc Salon, applying the make up.

Communication, availability and consultations?  Ask your hair and make up stylist if they are available for any consultations while you are going to be at home, getting ready for the wedding.  With Skype and other on-line tools it is easy and cost free to stay in touch with the team who will be doing your wedding.  You can get consults from your artists regarding the make up, show her/him your new dress or ask any other question you might have.  At the end, it is your wedding and you should feel comfortable and happy with the team and your D-day look.

How much time will your stylist be available for you on your wedding day?  How many hours earlier will they come?  Should they stay after the wedding has begun?  My personal suggestion would be to keep your stylist with you at least until after the reception, when you are doing the wedding photo shoot.  They will be able to assist the photographers and fix your make up and hair to be picture perfect!  You don’t want shiny skin or flowing hair when it is not needed.  Later on your bridesmaids or wedding planner can help you with small retouches to keep your look fresh and beautiful at all times.

EXTRA tip for my brides: Please make sure your make-up feels natural the day of your wedding. Of course you want to look your best, but DO NOT over do the make-up. There is no need for extra dark make-up. You want to look made up, but not dramatic. Ask my good photographer friend Amy Bennett what happens when eyes are way to dark? Poor Amy has spent countless hours trying to correct the problem in some of her shots. You need to look like yourself! In the end, you want the man at the end of the aisle to recognize you right?

My favorite Cabo hair & make-up artist?  773-237-8923 is my preferred vendor in Cabo.  She is talented, evolved, professional and my favorite part?  She actually will be doing your make-up and hair the day of!

These are my tips on hiring the make-up artists and stylist.  What do you think? Let me know if you have any additional questions, and I will add them to the list and provide the answers for you.

If you are currently planning your wedding in Los Cabos, and are searching for the right make-up artist and hair stylist, contact me, and I’d be glad to provide with the names of the artists and stylists I have worked with and I trust.  You can leave a comment below or contact me at leslie@onehappenings.com or by phone: 619.955.69.68.


888-592-8974It is with great pleasure and honor today to share with you that ONE Happenings Weddings & Events has been selected by Grace Ormonde Wedding as their Preferred Wedding Planner in Mexico.

I am sooooo honored to be part of the Platinum List! Not only because it is every wedding planners dream to be featured in Grace Ormonde Weddings, but also because it is an achievement, which confirms that our dedication, passion and love for planning and organizing each and every ONE Happenings wedding or event, has been noticed and praised through this acknowledgment. With this, above all, I would love to give a big thank you to all of my lovely brides, our partners and wedding providers, for helping us create memorable weddings and events. Thank You!

Most of the you, our brides, our partners and our wedding vendors are probably familiar with Grace Ormonde Weddings. Grace Ormonde is The Luxury Wedding Source, which informs, assists and inspires us all while planning your/our weddings or special events.

In the printed magazine or on The Grace Ormonde Wedding Style (link to the website) on-line you can find ideas, inspirations, and resources for your special day, be it if you are looking for bridal fashion; wedding gowns, evening wear, bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride gowns with the latest fashion and top designer creations; health and beauty products, wedding registry items, real weddings, featured weddings, wedding and/or honeymoon destinations, and wedding vendors, … Whether you are planning a destination wedding or getting married near home, they have it all.

I am excited and proud that ONE Happenings Weddings & Events is among the world’s most acknowledged wedding vendors on the Grace Ormonde Platinum List 2012!

Thank You again, this accolade just makes me even more enthusiastic and inspired for my upcoming 2012 weddings and events. Until next time, greetings from sunny Cabo San Lucas. If you are dreaming of a destination wedding, contact me at leslie@onehappenings.com or phone 6199556958. I would love to help you make your dream wedding come true.


My Inspiration…A post dedicated to my husband and all couples looking to feel inspired by marriage.

Time flies when you are having fun. Today is my 4th wedding anniversary!  It seems like just yesterday I was getting my hair and makeup done, putting on my dress and getting ready to walk down that aisle to the love of my life.

The day I got married everything changed for me. Not just because I was about to become a ‘Mrs.’ but also because I found my calling, my inspiration. Believe it or not I used to sit behind a desk and work on finance spreadsheets. Though I had fun, it wasn’t my cup of tea. And if you must know we were one of those couples that “NEVER” wanted to get married. We simply did not understand why people got married. Funny to think that now I help people get married!

 pictures by (740) 477-7398


February 2nd, 2008 – I became inspired.

Inspired because I joined my life with my best friend in a ceremony that expressed to those we love on a gorgeous beach at sunset,  our favorite time of day, that we pledged our life to each other. Inspired because I knew that I wanted everyone to feel the way I felt at that very moment: pure joy, butterflies and unconditional love. The idea of a wedding took on a different meaning, it became akin to writing in the sky how much you loved someone with a form of communication higher than words. To join two lives. And to do all this with people who make your existence known and convert it into life.

On our honeymoon, I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the details, friends that joined us and how much fun we had. I wanted to recreate it all, I wanted to have our 10 year anniversary just to have an excuse to do it all over again, and then, it clicked… Why not help other people feel this way? I was very involved in the planning process of my wedding and every detail, every moment was so much fun for me that really, it was a natural evolution.

Fast forward a few years and here I am recreating what I felt through my ‘One Happening’  that for me, will transcend the moment.

My advice for my clients and future clients on their wedding day?

1. Get a good night sleep the night before the wedding.

2. Have your MOH or Mom make you your favorite breakfast the day of. You might not get a lot to eat and you don’t want to pass out during the ceremony.

3. When walking down the aisle look at your future husband/wife and let the moment crystalize, be grateful for the amazing journey you are about to embark upon.

4. Don’t forget to hold hands with your husband during the night.

5. Take moments to steal away in your mind and revel in it all. After months of planning, you are now married.

6. Remember – at the end of your wedding day, you’ll be married, and that’s really all that matters.

7. Be inspired by your special day. It is a representation of you and your fiancé!

8. Hire a good coordinator for the event, it´s their job to sweat the little things and yours to bask in the moment.

9. Enjoy no matter what and don¹t let ANYTHING ruin your day. Whatever happens those who love you will be so happy nothing will bring them down and those who don’t will never be satisfied.

10. Don’t listen to advice! Ok, only half kidding here…The above is only my suggestions ultimately everyone will give you advice and you need to take only what feels right for you both.


Special thanks to (450) 804-5549! Specifically Paty Armenta and Tracy Dunlop. Also to 2266538570 for amazing flowers! senatory for flamenco, Oxten for lighting and everyone that joined us!


Lastly, happy anniversary to my amazing husband. 





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