You should do what I suggest.

I hear that Elaine Jackson is one of the best lawyers in Boston.

I'm from Georgia.


Lee apologized for stepping on my foot.

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I should've kept my mouth shut.

She has a comfortable income to live on.

I didn't want to look stupid.

I want to join you.

It's a group effort.

Training with them is not a game.

Saumya would be terribly disappointed if we didn't go to his party.

Please say hello to Nancy if you see her at the party.

I'm saying no.


Sometimes Paris exhausts me, but often Brussels bores me. Therefore, I live between the two.


She was heard to criticize the manager.


My time is not my own.


Don't draw unwanted attention to yourself.

He kept early hours.

During clear weather, the coast of Estonia is visible from Helsinki.

Pilot isn't very careful.

Sonja didn't love Jisheng as much as she loved him.

You must get to know him.

Why did ancient Egyptians love jewels so much?

He had few friends there anymore.

It is generally believed that a trip to the moon will be made possible during this century.


This is a dry town.

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He carried out his plan.


I am not happy.

When you're fed up with the school cafe you can buy something at Bellfa or eat at a family restaurant.

The heat withered the flowers.

I stayed home so I could rest.

He came to ask us to help him.

I work out to stay in shape.

I'll put my eyes out so I won't see you again.

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Carl is full of shit.

I have as much time as you do.

Marshall almost drowned in his neighbor's swimming pool.


I think about him every day.


Alfred would do anything for his sister, Raja.


It just stopped.


I don't trust the tailor.

I always have two cups of coffee in the morning.

Had I known that, I wouldn't have said such a thing to her.

Erwin was drinking chocolate milk with a straw.

I've offended you, haven't I?


Don't let outsiders in. We've only got food and water for us.


You seem to be out of gas.


I'll see you soon, Panzer.

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What are you worried about?

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We're going to have to remove your wisdom teeth. Right now.

We're all scared of them.

There's one question I would like to ask you.

Toudaiji is the bigger of the two temples.

I bought myself a dog.

Elric had a look of determination on his face.

I always said that Croatia is the wonderland.

If you heard her speaking English, you would never guess that she wasn't a native speaker.

Try it out.

The boy was on the point of drowning when his father came to his rescue.

Are the children really asleep?

I was going on foot.

I had to persuade Monty to do that.


Cold waves have become less frequent and intense across the Nation.


Sally has bought a new dress, but she hasn't worn it yet.

This is about all I can put up with.

We have a job to do.

This airport is easily accessible by bus.

Why is List afraid of Christofer?

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Nicholas can drive, can't he?

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That's a big help.

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Elaine may eat as much as he wants.

Science has made rapid progress in this century.

A solar eclipse is when the Moon blocks the light from the Sun.


The family is eating breakfast on the balcony.


Don't play with matches.

Slartibartfast woke up in the middle of the night and ate an entire bag of chips.

How about playing tennis next Saturday?

I know a man who speaks Latin.

Dozens of students gathered there.

Take Hazel outside.

Johnnie gets jealous when Kris talks to other guys.

Goethe claimed, "one who cannot speak foreign languages does not know one's own language either".

I really like travelling by ship.

Do you want my honest opinion?

In the film, the director makes Hamlet an active person.

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His failure to tell me the truth caused an accident.

Hui doesn't seem to be having any problems.

He saw one once.


Did you really buy that?


This machine is specially engineered to work in extreme weather.

He was assigned a task.

I stopped and gazed at them.

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Put out the light and go to bed.

I'm not a fan of centrism.

What have you bought Jacob for Christmas?

Margaret wasn't totally surprised.

Arnold turned on the car radio.

The coast is clear.

The same is true of Japan.

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What did he look like?

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What's your favorite type of restaurant to go to?

While most of us are significantly better off financially than our parents and grandparents, happiness levels haven't changed to reflect that.

Your brother is asking for help.

Wipe that smirk off your face.

He stayed here for a short time.

It was a gift.

Raj and Del are so delighted that they found an honest and capable painter.


You've got to hear me out.

Is Monday OK?

Are you afraid of a little girl?


Is it OK to talk to him first?

Can I borrow it?

My uncle gave him a present.

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I believe that belongs to me.

Such extravagance is beyond my reach.

Edgar struggled to keep calm.

We should see each other more often.

You should cut Dawn some slack.

I saw Nicolas stealing something out of your purse.

For us tourism is very important.

There's a problem with my internet connection.

I'm pressing charges.

I'm incorrect.

This is my favorite outfit.

Would you rather drink wine with your mother or your father?

I'm pretty good at math.


We continued chatting.

Did they say anything about what Part did?

I can't come tonight.

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A spiral galaxy is shaped like a disk. The disk tends to resemble a pinwheel with arms which spiral outward as it rotates.

You'd better be careful.

The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good action by stealth and have it found out by accident.

That would be very unfortunate.

Srikanth will tell you.

I've made you a sack lunch.

Can you tell me how to get to the town centre?

One way to get money was to borrow it.

They adopted the little girl.


His neighbors are suspicious of him.


She sent those e-mails an hour ago.

Mr Klaus Jones has agreed to serve as the project leader for this new work item.

A man who breaks his promises cannot be trusted.

I felt embarrassed at first.

Bearing can be unbearable.

I don't want to be married to you anymore.

We have to pick a name for the child.

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He accepted my present.

You're being used.

You look gorgeous in that dress.

Your sister didn't go on a trip, did she?

The earth is one of the sun's planets.

The tablecloth is in the cabinet.

Don't tell me you can't read.

Do you think Mahesh is lying to us?

I'd like to have my teeth cleaner.


It looks like you've regained your confidence.

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You said you had important news.