I didn't use to watch so much television.

Erwin didn't want any cake.

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You don't practice what you preach.


How wonderful that you passed the examination.

I didn't want to wake you.

Piotr can play the flute.


Oranges signify a happy love while lemons symbolize an unrequited one.


We need to follow her.

I didn't realize what time it was.

Hi, Paul. Busy as usual?

Everything he says rubs me the wrong way.

Les quietly listened.

The lunar month is the 29.53 days it takes to go from one new moon to the next.

What size are you looking for?

I'd like to talk with you.

If you care to, come with us.

If you make a mistake, give yourself some time and try again.

I know you don't like me very much.

Clarissa loves you just like I do.

My sister bought five yards of cloth.

I can't see the road signs in this fog.

This looks like a trap.

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Which color do you like more, blue or red?

We're going to get you some help.

Can you recommend a place to stay in London?

Gretchen usually eats alone.

The cold north wind was roaring outside.

The mother wakes up her daughter.

Theodore doesn't need to go to Boston until next week.

I'm asking your opinion.

Do you think we have a chance to win?

That no longer matters.

I suggest you wait until Evan gets here.

Do you want us to leave the room?

I don't think it's your fault.

What are your beliefs?

These are really sweet.

My parents are going to kill me!

Your secretary said you wanted to see me.

Michelle has been avoiding Ben all day.

The well has run dry.

Vic made Vassos some toys.

There was no time left for an explanation.

I am quite willing to do anything for you.

I really like riding horses.


Ravindran may be working late.

Argh, I was so embarrassed today. I wore my clothes inside-out.

We have to find Ramneek before the police do.


Does it suit you?

I am as sad and lonely as can be.

Let's just pretend like we don't know each other.

Judy says he doesn't know what Pontus wants to do.

Does anyone know Hienz's last name?

Hirotoshi is a temp.

We have to do this on our own.

Is scarlet a fruit or a color?

I wonder if it's possible to teach myself perfect pitch.


I bet Lievaart knows where Curt is.

Hon is an ambitious young woman.

Where's the bottle opener?

Alexander wasn't the first one here today.

Tell me what you need and I'll tell you how to get along without it.

I got home and took my shoes off.

Dan didn't even offer Linda a ride.

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Of these, Taoism is a native religion, the others having been introduced from foreign lands.

I have my own house.

Debbie could see Marcia's disappointment.

We'll just have to wait till then.

Did you expect anything else?


I'm having difficulties.

"We'd like a beer." "Just one beer?"

Wilmer is ready to go out.

This isn't easy.

But there is no publication extant authenticated with his name.

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They eat half of the world's halibut.

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Please tell me I won the tickets for Sunday.

Don't expect me to lose any sleep over it.

Your room looks pretty.


I ate chicken nuggets.

What is the difference between "skill" and "ability" in English?

I bought a poster at the Arab World Institute in Paris and I had it framed.


Nothing is more pleasant than taking a rest after hard work.


That's a puzzle.

Does Rajeev want me to call back?

I'll give you all the money you want.

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Your friend Marshall hasn't returned.

Pontus is on the bus to the city.

Things aren't as bad as they seem.


You look fine.

I'm seriously considering quitting my job.

Who discovered America?

I had half a grapefruit for breakfast.

Thanks for helping me fix my car.

"Where do you want to eat?" "I don't know. You choose."

Might I suggest that we start the meeting an hour earlier?

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Let's not get caught doing this.

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I thought it might be true.

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I can't wait to see you again.

Teach me how you do it.

You will never realize what I went through.

Can you make out a light in the distance?

I'd prefer to see it.

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There seems to be something wrong with this clock.

I think that Jim is right.

I have had my hair cut shoulder length.

They left the situation unsettled.

She denied having been asked to go on a business trip.


When you reach a certain age you don't stand on ceremony.

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We should be there with them.


My patience is coming to an end.


Thank you for seeing me.

We exercise.

It was pitch-dark outside tonight.


We decided to branch out into selling some foodstuffs.


I heard about him.

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Sherri can generally be relied on to make good on his promises.

That's hardly an option.

I need inspiration.

She's a police officer.

This is how he solved the difficult problem.

Tandy never wrote back to Svante.

Peace is preferable to war.


Put the car in low to climb the hill.

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Where's that sound coming from?

We participated in the athletic meet of our company.

The typhoon caused immeasurable damage.

Someone has stolen all my money.

I suggest we continue.

This custom is unique to America.

Is there anything Sridharan needs?

She harbored the deserter.

Cows give us milk.

I forbid you to smoke.

He doesn't altogether trust me.

Do you think that was fair?

Brandy has been here for three years.

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He stuck his hand in his pocket and felt for his wallet.

The train will arrive at ten o'clock.

Small print looks dim.

Mohammad isn't very good at cooking.

Do you take credit cards?

I enjoy Eileen's company.

That isn't accurate.

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He is lacking in courage.


Skip and Miriamne quickly became friends.

You may begin.

He brought me a coffee, in spite of that I'd asked for a tea.


Make sure that the gas has been turned off.

That's a party.

He hasn't done badly, all in all.

Everything you knew about DNA is not going to help you through this course.

I've never told anyone about this.


Sedat can swim almost as fast as I can.

I'd like to work with you.

That is, the 'new' Will, as if there could be two wills of the Creator.


Is it not a bit extreme?

That was what I meant.

I'm engaged to Laurence.

A century ago, this was just a small farm town.

Not all that glitters, is gold.

They're disposable.

A strong veteran, having trained for tens of years, can fall to a weakling in a moment of laxness. That's what the martial arts world is.

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They don't see me anymore.