You know what they can do, don't you?

This table is wonky.

I work like a slave!

It will be fine.

They were forced to face the future.

Puritanism brought over with it in the Mayflower the anti-Christmas feeling to New England.

How did you ever find out about that?

This is not the America I want for my children.

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Free democracy now!

I play tennis every day.

What is your natural hair color?

Can we give it ten more minutes?

When she began to speak, her voice was less dry than it had been.

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Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.

Sanity wouldn't blame you.

I need to put some gas in the car, as it's almost empty.

Could you tell us more about yourself?

Take your seats.

He kept on working.

No one was able to help me.

A pointless life is a premature death.

Right now, I want to speak Lojban.

You might want to leave a little earlier today.

You're way faster than me.

Eliza is crying.

He looks like a completely different person to what he was before.

Werner Herzog makes outstanding documentaries and feature films.

Okay, I'm going to shut up now.

I had a long talk with him.

No one's stopping you.


Debi turned into a parking lot.

I don't think this is going to help any.

We, the jury, find the defendant guilty of murder.

Tricia wants us to take the blame for this.

You need to take your mother's advice.

Edmund crashed into a traffic signal.

Today I had a math test.

This is the cheaper of the two.

This building is blue.


We're choosing among those ideas.

I got a flat tire on my way home.

I always knew that was what you wanted.

She smiled at her baby.

They went there together.

McDonald's golden arches may have marched into 119 countries, but the quintessentially American company still resides in a quintessentially American suburb.

It's scary.

Who did the survey?

I waited for the curtain to rise with my heart beating in excitement.

Please study here.

Love is not a finite resource.

A parasol is used during the summertime to shade the face.

Young people don't know what old age is, and old people forget what youth was.

He listened very carefully in order not to miss a single word.

I was forced to make a bow.

Please pay a deposit of two month's rent.

You can't deny that.


The shopping center is one mile ahead.

You must be vaccinated against rabies.

Now, that's an idea.


Do we really want that?


She accomplished the task through sheer will.


We played baseball yesterday.

Jan sat up in bed and looked around.

I am taking my final exam.


Tickets are more expensive this year.

It wasn't you.

"My wonderful wife is so stingy that ..." "You boasting? Or complaining?"

Po walked into Sanity's bedroom.

Which one is right?


Please look up this word in a dictionary.


I was looking for Andy. Do you know where he is?


When I look at the stars, I feel like I'm really insignificant compared to the whole universe.


It's really annoying.

Tanya paid cash.

He boasted of having won the first prize.


Dawson didn't complain.

Can you tell me what's wrong with Suresh?

The city was all flame.

You know where to find me.

Father always says, "Do your best."

The future looks promising.

Why are we slowing down?

You already have my respect.

How does that make sense?

Tell her it was all your fault.

Thanks for the tip, Graham.


Sirius is a star brighter than the sun.


Let's make it three.

You have plenty of time to catch the train.

I've never witnessed so much debauchery in my entire life.

He never boasted of his success.

I'm a big kid.

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It's too bright to sleep.

The most important thing is that you understand me.

His teaching method is both good and bad.

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She looks pale with fear.

Kids wake up early in the morning to open their presents on Christmas.

There are only four hundred demonstrators in the square.

The health sector is one of the biggest problems for the country.

You have only a short rest, so make the best of it.

I'm going to crash at Gordon's.

Nobody was interested in hearing about Hiroyuki's invention.

Nothing is to be compared to its beauty.

The school searched the students' lockers.


He only paid ten dollars for that shirt.

I work at the embassy.

I lived in Japan for 2 years, but now I'm living in California.

That's silly.

He's opposed to racial discrimination.

I don't want to talk about that.

I need to know more details.

Do you want these?

I always knew that Tuan was a troublemaker.

I'm afraid of dying.

I'd better go find them.

He told me he was going to America.

After all my objections, she left home.


I bet you say that to all the girls.

That's a filthy job and I don't want to do it.

Carsten is coming tomorrow.


Jason asked me where he could put his coat.

That's Tigger's answer for everything.

My back is numb.


Masanobu's new house is really nice.

He is to blame for the failure.

Kory would be my first choice.


Indeed, Dieter claimed that Maria had made no spelling mistakes, however he simply hadn't spotted them, since he himself has not mastered perfect spelling.

She talks a lot.

He has got a good camera.


Michel put the skis on top of the car.

He is leaving for China on an inspection tour next month.

They stayed up late talking.

There was someone else there.

Kim lives together with Ken.


I doubt that he's a lawyer.

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Tharen has three brothers in Boston.

Ronald is a hunk.

We tend only to notice the details that concern us.

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As long as you won't face the truth, you will cry in vain.

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Is that healthy?

I think this must be the place where Raif lives.

Your sudden appearance has surprised me.

The worst riot was in Chicago.

Vassos believes his life is in danger.

I'm going to buy you a watch.

Lea says he doesn't want to argue about this anymore.

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Thomas hugs Maria.

If World War III is fought with nuclear weapons, World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

What will happen to me?

I like my steak medium, not rare or well-done.

Where were you last night?


Leif brushed a bit of dirt off of his hat.

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I've already asked Mickey whether he'd help or not.

Everett is too depressed to work.

He was laughed at by all the people present.

He advocated to us that the changes be made.

Do you know of any person for me to rely on in Canada?

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He made a crash test dummy of himself.

I didn't mean to step on your foot.

When I told him that, he was very much embarrassed.

I'm only here to help her.

Nowadays it is impossible to protect oneself against weapons of mass destruction.

Hazel ran past them.

Can you do that whenever you want to?

He has dishonored the family.

Jeremy and Ji were always rivals.

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I can well remember the passionate interest that took possession of my entire body and soul when I first fell in love.