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    First Annual National Walk to a Park Day

    Join us October 10 for National Walk to a Park Day and enter to win.

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    Congress just allowed America's best conservation program to expire. Take action now to fight back!

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  • The Kolob Terrace section of Zion National Park, UT
    Our public lands should be saved—not sold.

    Help keep our public lands in public hands. Become a member today.

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  • Land for People.

    See real stories of how parks change lives and transform communities.

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    Kartoon Antwine and his daughter

Creating Parks and Protecting Land for People™


2018 City Park Facts Report and ParkScore® Rankings


Yosemite Valley at dawn
Help keep our public lands in public hands.

Thanks to you

2017 was a monumental year for conservation.


The first trick any skateboarder has to master is learning how to fall. “Skaters have to know how to handle a situation if you’re about to ...


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Thanks for joining our #PowerofParks TwitterChat. Now it's time to (727) 431-3730. It's #WalkToAParkDay! (251) 960-2178
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RT @DianeRegas: Q10: For the #mayors in the house: if a Park Genie could grant you three wishes to make the 10-minute walk vision come true…