The entire city is in danger.

I'm sorry to have disturbed you.

That adds a new dimension to our problem.

I want you to tell me what you really think of me.


The garden has been professionally laid out.

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Jack happened to let out the secret to his friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very happy to be here.

He has too much grass in his brain.


Murat doesn't understand modern technology.

Give me a piece of paper.

We love our parks.

I didn't ask for your permission.

Nils is off duty.


Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong.

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They had to cancel the trip.


That's my mistake.

What is a meteor?

Bruno went to tell Tandy the good news.

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SOS, please help!


My brother swims well.

I told you this is where we'd find Julius.

Vladislav and Matti both screamed.

I had no other choice but to do it.

Do you have any pictures of Boston?


There is a beautiful girl on the paper.

Jess told Carisa to go away.

He told me his name was Micah.

I plan to accept the offer from that company to become their marketing department's manager.

It cost too much.

There is no man but loves himself.

It was so exhilarating.

This school is ours.

It's not real.

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred.

I would like to change money.

Everybody loves Lego.

What's your favorite dessert with strawberries?

I do think I understand.

Spoiling an ending is a heinous crime against humanity.


Wilson didn't want to let Judith go.

Drinking warm milk makes me sleepy.

We must finish our homework first.

He stood behind me.

It isn't as bad as it seems.

The treaty was not a success.

I wish I could travel around the world.

I was called upon to make a speech in English.

I'm talking about Boyd.

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He kept at the job all day.

I'll kill them all.

When did you come back from Tokyo?

Does Tuna cry a lot?

He has only a superficial knowledge of the matter.

I'll go back to Boston with Rod.

The same thing happened to me once.

Tell me when you're done.

Thierry is persevering.

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The fence is painted green.

It's lunchtime!

Who wants to cut the cake?


Can I have a minute?

Brandy took his coat off and hung it up in the closet.

Come on, I'll buy you a beer.

We're the only guys here.

Lie on the couch.

Tovah was quiet, polite and respectful.

Are you trying to scare me or are you being serious?

Annie went into the next room.

Where did that come from?

I have to stop procrastinating.

Which do you like better, white wine or red wine?


This doesn't happen often.


Lynnette is an international jewel thief.


I'm ready to leave whenever you are.

Some people have no shame.

Brent is the last person I want to see now.

Hughes isn't anything like his father.

He learned that from a newspaper.

I gotta keep on movin'.

Ramadoss has lost everything.

He was bidding for popular support.

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.

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I didn't make it myself.

Can you still play tennis?

People often said this to my mother.

The roof is made of thatch.

She was out of Japan last year.

I didn't murder anyone.

I'm surprised.


She gave me a present.

I have not more than three thousand yen.

That is, like, so cool.

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You pay interest on money that you borrow.

John set his drink down on the counter.

I can't find her anywhere. It's driving me mad!

Rusty takes piano lessons three times a week.

He had little social life.

At the end of every subject i have an exam.

Young children should be exposed to good music.

Billie is still unsure of himself.

There was a Persian cat sleeping on the table.

The rain's not letting up.

I lost my umbrella somewhere in the park so I need to buy a new one.

We learned about the importance of eating a healthy lunch.

That sounds painful.


I have to help my mother.


Pull me in.

You'll understand someday.

Andre can play a flute.


Then they were hindered by the birch-trees, whose branches almost put their eyes out. But the little sister tied the twigs together with a piece of ribbon, and they got past safely.

Do you happen to know her?

I'm going to stay in the pool a little longer.

He drives a hard bargain.

I'm just finishing off my homework.

Even though he's very old, he's healthy.

Is this the problem?

Numerous stars were visible in the sky.

Manuel told me to close all the windows.

Are you reliable?

I have no money to buy this dictionary.

That's all I have to know.

I have a fatigue problem.

Nhan danced with Matti and only three other girls at the high school prom.

I want to be involved.

I had barely enough potable water for a week.

Kate has been given an opportunity to play a major role in a movie.

Brandi was very angry with Kim.

Peggy told me he'd be here by 2:30.

The footsteps moved closer.

See you at 7.

I'm capable of doing that myself.

The baby in the cradle is very pretty.

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Ragnar was the one who told me.

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"What's he been eating?" "The last thing, I think, was a kettle." "A kettle of what?" "No. A kettle. A black thing with a handle and spout."


I'm going back to school.

Gunter tightened the knot.

Traffic noise is very harsh to the ear.

I don't think it's such a crazy thought.

On behalf of the company, I would like to express our hearty thanks to you all.

I slept late and I missed the first train.

I think we'll be OK.

You don't have to ask for forgiveness.

Man has reason, animals do not.

You're not the only one here who can't speak French.

I could not sleep well last night, because it was so hot.

Lea went to Boston a month ago.

Pat doesn't have a name tag.

Everybody knows she married him for his money.

I think I want to study Persian.

What can I do for you, honey?

They regret not having valued the days of their youth more.


I wish I hadn't lied to Amir.

Don't fail to call me tomorrow.

Jack was angry with himself for being late.

Reading the letter that he sends me every month is quite funny.

He praised the pupil for his honesty.

He gave up his dream of becoming a pilot.

I'll give you anything but this.

There are still many cultural differences between East and West Germany.

She slept late and missed the schoolbus.


Listening to this song makes me cry.


Julie seemed okay when I saw him.

You won't need those.

Mr. Federer is challenging the call on the right sideline. The ball was called out.

My cellphone charger broke down.

You hate horror movies, don't you?

Add it to the list.

She cooks well.

The leader gave up the plan in despair.

My otherwise perfect life is about to change for the worse.

All at once we heard a shot outside.

Russia is a threat to the whole civilized world.