Young men and women fought to defend their country.

Jakob was the one who planted the roses in our garden.

Liza didn't get paid as much as he thought he was worth.

You look younger than her.

Mikey acted as an interpreter for Julianto.

If you do what I want you to do, I'll be very happy.

Luc and Rod are getting married tomorrow.

It'll be dark by the time we get to Boston.

I asked her for a date, only to have her say no.

She asked him to stay, but he had to go to work.


It's so simple that even a child can do it.

The story of Jesus Christ appearing after he was dead is the story of an apparition, such as timid imaginations can always create in vision, and credulity believe.

I'd like you to wait in the lobby with Gill.


It's still not working.


I'm not that cynical.


Rafik is going to be late for class.

What do we expect to happen next?

Let's see if Ronni is here.

How fast!

How about going out for lunch?

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Don't be too hard on her.

What do you study in school?

When is the test?

I love this picture.

I had my son water the lawn.

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He went to Europe by way of America.


Yeah. That'd be great.


Hasn't Jim returned yet?


Renu knew Rob had kissed John.

Real works in a hit-or-miss fashion.

I'm not thirty years old.


Eva is out for a walk.

It satisfies every time.

"I'm not good at swimming." "Neither am I."


She collected stamps.

Why don't you go and join Rakhal?

Did anything unusual happen today at school?

Can you give Erik a ride back into the city?

The short answer is yes.

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He brought his speech to an end.

It took seventeen years to build this huge dam.

I spend a lot of time practicing the guitar.

Did you sew this by hand?

A lot of people are going to tell you that you shouldn't have done that.


Leave me out of this plan. I don't want to get involved.

He is acting on his own behalf.

Someone invited me to a party, but I was too scared to go.


Elisa has enrolled in the anatomy department.

He's a good actor and he's really cute too!

Let's get out of the car.

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Guess who else moved to Boston.


Naim wasn't so bad.

We're talking about them.

You're not afraid of ghosts, are you?

A lot of trees were cut down.

How's everything at home?

Kirby's quintessentially Japanese cuteness is almost incomprehensible to his American audience, who satirize him as a dark and gloomy character constantly, almost as a reflex.

Napoleon's horse was white.

It is my father's house.

Howard is being quite discreet, isn't he?


I'd like some input.

How much do you charge?

I'd like to hear from Daniel.

Blair doesn't know anything about Juri.

Their purpose is to help the poor in any place where they live.

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I can't get along with him.

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What browser are you using?

I'm still running a little bit late.

I claimed damages against him.

Charleen is a good teacher.

Axel is always telling jokes.

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I don't know whether Spy will swim or not.

Shows that are broadcast during prime time are not supposed to have content unsuitable for children who might be watching.

It's you who should be thanking me.

Gas cookers consume half the amount of energy as electric cookers.

She gained 3 and a half stones after she got married.

All I found is a pair of scissors.

Why don't you take off?

Frederick and Klaudia were able to figure it out on their own.

I must break my tasks into small steps.


I must hurry to catch the train.

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I'll protect you!

In the distance we saw the island.

I got out of the hospital three days ago.

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You're finicky.


You will survive.

I gave her a sedative.

I'd like a chance to learn more.

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Dimitry came in carrying groceries.


Let's hope we don't have to do this again.


Please send any complaints or suggestions to the following email address.

I did this for Amanda.

I've forgotten my pin number.

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She brushed her hair.

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I still think we should've stayed home and just watched TV.


I'm going to stay here and see if I can help.

Matti will stay, but Alex won't.

That's an interesting remark, but it's beside the point.

He told me the story of his life.

She had two accidents within a year.

Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

It was Jerald, wasn't it?

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What if she actually knew everything?

They acted on the information.

You all were very good before, and now you're even better.

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How many things did you buy?

He loves me.

We're going to fix this.

I gave Glynn all the money I had on me.

Dan didn't want to go back to an orphanage.


He took it from beneath his coat.


Dan gave two different accounts of the story.

This account is correct.

Mechael has now lost everything.

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I didn't even see them.

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This is very painful.


He watched the horse race with his binoculars.

I didn't even kiss her.

Thanks for doing that for them.

There are petals all over the floor.

You are surrounded.


The man is writing in the notebook.

It's not easy sharing your secrets.

I have been his greatest fan all my life.

Is the man old or young?

Sophie and Carole are exhausted.


I'll bid farewell to this stinking school.

A storm in a teacup.

We will find them.

Julianto just confessed.

How did you get Mario to admit he was the one who stole your wallet?

I've already checked those possibilities.

Does Jussi live in Boston?

I don't get you at all.

I need a raise.


You sprained your ankle.

Isidore finished the dishes.

Brendan took off his shirt.

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"Dance with me." "I thought you'd never ask."


Richard carefully opened the lid.

I'm really looking forward to going to the beach with Casper.

Don't complain about it. You've asked for it.

"Did you do that?" "No, Mom, I didn't."

I had my brother clean my room.


Niall had a chance to travel to Boston.


Adams was an intelligent man.

I am so brutishly fast, that I was already there before I ran at all.

Once you start dating the sleazy old professor, disillusionment sets in.

Miek has caused me many problems.

They haven't given up at all.


In 1912, the Austrian tailor Franz Reichelt died jumping off the first floor of the Eiffel Tower while trying out his new invention, the parachute coat, which did not work...


He invades the privacy of others.

The moment she arrived at the station, she phoned her mother.

Stanly doesn't like to talk about this kind of thing.